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Website builders come in many different types. But how to choose the best one for you? That’s exactly what
I’m going to help you find out here.

A website builder allows anyone to quickly build a beautiful website – without any
design or development knowledge. But while all builders
promise you excellent ease of use, and brilliant business features, these are just marketing buzzwords
that don’t say anything.

Here’s what you should really look for in every website builder:
  • Intuitive user interface – you’re not here to learn complex coding!
  • Good-looking templates.
  • Solid business features, from marketing and SEO to eCommerce.
  • Excellent site performance: websites need to load quickly.

So, with all these things in mind, what’s the next step?

Well, it’d be great if someone tested nearly every single website builder out there, and made
a list of providers, fulfilling these four requirements, right?

Hope so – because that’s what I did!

In this article, I have the 10 best website builder options that I ever tested. They’re all quite different
and will suit a different type of user. But what’s most important, is that all of them are excellent in
their own special way.

There are quick five-minute-builders, as well as intricate pixel-perfect design tools. Which one’s right for you?
Carry on reading – we’ll find that out together.

But for now, these are my top options:

Best website builders 2022: ranked

  • Zyro – best website builder overall
  • SITE123 – best website builder for beginners
  • Wix – a super versatile website builder
  • Gator – budget website builder for businesses
  • Shopify – best website builder for eCommerce
  • Weebly – affordable eCommerce website builder

Use the links on this list to navigate and read about the builders you care about the most.
Also, at the end of the post, there will be a guide, that will help you choose the best website builder
option, depending on your specific interests and goals. You can also click here to jump straight to it.

1. Zyro

Top features Great ease of use with creative freedom
Templates 130+ templates
Best for Simple personal and portfolio sites
Free plan No

Zyro is the new kid on block – and it knows all kinds of cool tricks. I was seriously impressed by how intuitive this
platform was, and above all – just how amazingly affordable it is.

You just can’t start a conversation about Zyro without at least mentioning that it’s several times cheaper than most of its direct competitors!

What does that money get you?

Well – you know, only of the most intuitive and easiest website setup processes I’ve ever encountered. As I covered on my Zyro review – editing the page is about as hard as cream cheese.

All you have to do is pick a theme that is to your taste…

And then, Zyro will ask what features you want on your website.

Soon after, you’ll be given three different website mockups – your job is to choose the one you like the most.

Pick one, and you’ll get to meet the Editor: which is sleek, highly responsive, and pretty easy to use.

Similar to many other top website builders, Zyro includes several pre-made sections, complete with placeholder information and media,so you can easily replace them with data of your own. It’s a quick way to build a website with all the features and sections you wish to have.

Furthermore, you still get a certain amount of design freedom. While you can’t exactly move elements around and place them
where you wish, Zyro’s grid editor functionality lets you place certain elements where you want them to be.

But it’s not just the website building features that make Zyro interesting. It also has several exciting
AI-powered business tools, such as the AI writer, that will generate you original, relevant website copy.
It won’t win a Pulitzer award any time soon, but it can act as an excellent brainstorming tool.

There’s also an AI heatmap, that will show exactly what are your visitors paying attention to on your website.

And a lot more…

All things considered, Zyro is an excellent website builder for beginners on a budget. It has beautifulan intuitive site editor, website templates, and some exciting AI tools to make building and running your business all the more exciting.

Zyro pricing

Zyro has no free plan: but it has a total of 4 plans, 2 of them suitable for selling online.

Here’s what they are:

  • Website ($2.99/month) – no bandwidth and storage restrictions, good for growing businesses
  • Business ($3.99/mo) – unlimited storage, 100 products, payments via Stripe, 1% commission fee
  • Advanced Store ($15.99/month) – unlimited storage, unlimited products, 70+ payment methods, 0% commission fee

The Website plan aims at aspiring marketers, removing all the bandwidth and storage limits. Some additional marketing features are added, and you get a free domain name for a year. At $2.99 a month, this is still an excellent deal.

The Business plan, as the name itself suggest, is aimed at businesses. There are no storage or bandwidth limits. More so, it includes some basic eCommerce functionalities like the ability to sell up to 100 products online. However, be aware, there is a 1% commission fee. At a monthly price of $ 3.99 this plan is best if you wish to occasionally sell online, yet don’t rely too heavily on it.

As for the eCommerce plans, they’re a fair bit expensive, coming in at 
a month respectively.

The difference between them is the features and the limitations. The cheaper plan has the core eCommerce features but limits the number of products you can sell to 100.

The more expensive Advanced Store plan lifts that limit to 2,500 and throws in multilanguage site capabilities, product filters, as well as social media/Amazon selling.

All in all – a pretty good deal. Zyro offers a lot of excellent features, at a pretty low price.

The Website plan costs $2.61/month, and if you’re not planning to sell online – it’s far and beyond the best value you can get. It offers all the best marketing features and has no caps on your bandwidth and storage.

The best deal

is certainly the 4-year option – the entire period will cost only $125.28, giving you an excellent service for years to come.



2. SITE123

Top features Excellent ease of use for beginners
Templates 160+ free themes
Best for Beginners looking for a quick solution
Free plan Yes

SITE123 goes all-in on ease of use: and it’s about to hit the jackpot.

I was impressed by the platform’s ease of use – that’s exactly the main thing I took away here.
This builder is straightforward and foolproof, letting even the total day-one users build seriously good websites.

How is that done? Well, SITE123 uses a block system, allowing to mix-and-match pre-made website blocks and make big websites without having to actually design anything.

The setup process itself is quite simple. You just get to choose your preferred type of website from many different options

Then, the system will take care of everything else and spit out a basic website, ready to be edited and made uniquely yours. All the themes are fully responsive, and will look equally as good on all desktop and mobile devices.

Meanwhile, the lightweight editor will help add new sections, as well as reorder and delete them. And it’s the “adding sections” part, where SITE123 starts to seriously shine. There are over 150 different segments, covering different niches, topics,and goals.


There’s no dragging and dropping, there’s no dealing with pressing design issues, or trying to make everything “fit”.
Just pick out what you like, and add it to your site.

SITE123 will also include several different layouts for each of these segments, so you can choose the option that suits your preferred style the best.

Despite the simplicity, there are still several decent business features. For instance, eCommerce is both powerful and intuitive.

The 24/7 customer support is lightning-fast, seriously helpful, and available in several languages.
Meanwhile, the app market is pretty limited – but still includes certain analytics, marketing, live support, and webmaster tools.

If you’re looking for a great design tool to turn your intricate visions into reality…this isn’t the option for you.

But if you want a simple website builder, making your work as straightforward a possible, this is an excellent choice.

SITE123 pricing

SITE123 has one free plan and four premium options. Here they are:

  • Free – plan for testing the platform
  • Basic ($12.80/month) – good basic business package
  • Advanced ($19.80/month) – multilanguage an email capabilities for a more efficient business
  • Professional ($28.80/month) – accepting credit cards and offering more multilanguage and email options
  • Gold ($34.80/month) – all eCommerce, and marketing tools, as well as 270 GB of storage

With 250 MB of bandwidth and storage each, the free plan isn’t a very good option. It’s great for testing, but that’s about all. Meanwhile, the Basic plan might sound a lot more interesting: after all, it includes a lot more resources, email marketing, and even eCommerce – which is rare for a plan so cheap!

But I don’t recommend using this plan to sell online. After all, you can only do 10 orders per month, and only accept payments via PayPal.

The same is true for the Advanced plan, which at least increases the monthly order limit to a (still insultingly low) 50.

It’s the Professional plan that lets you accept credit card payments. Weirdly enough, you can still only sell up to 500 products a month. At least this plan throws in 10 mailboxes for professional email, up to 10,000 email marketing

messages. The bandwidth and storage are increased to 45 GB and 90 GB respectively.

Pick the Gold plan if you want to have everything. Unlimited sales, abandoned cart recovery, 270 GB of storage, and 135 GB of bandwidth is a lot. This plan is expensive at $34.80 a month – but to some, it might be absolutely worth it.

All in all – a pretty good deal. Zyro offers a lot of excellent features, at a pretty low price

On SITE123, you need to pay for the whole purchasing period in advance. That may sound like a bad thing – but if you commit for a longer period, you’ll get some serious savings. The Basic plan costs $12.80/month when purchased

for 12 months. But if you sign up for a whopping 10-year plan, the price will go down to a mere $5/month. The longer you buy for – the more you save!



3. Wix

Top features AI website builder, designer website builder, big app store
Templates 700+ free themes
Best for All-around website building
Free plan Yes

Wix can do just about anything. I had an excellent time using it – and the main reason for it was the sheer number of options I was given.

For starters, it offers two drastically different website builders, each with its own setup experience, meant for varying types of users.

Wix Editor is the option that gives you freedom. You can select from over 700 different website templates, divided into several different sections. Different in goals, styles, and layouts,these themes give your website an excellent starting point .

Once you pick the theme, you get to see the Editor itself, which includes hundreds of sections and blocks.

Then, you can move them around freely around the theme – to make just the type of website that you want.

If all of that sounds a little bit complicated, don’t fret – seemingly, you’re not alone.
For those looking to drastically reduce the amount of time spent editing and managing their sites, Wix has an alternative option called Wix ADI.

Wix ADI automatically generates a website, based on your answers to the questionnaire and the business data found on search engines, as well as social media.

Then, it just asks for what specific features you wish to have on your website…

And there you have it! The website is pretty much as good as completed. And it only took a couple
of minutes!

Once the website is nice and ready, and you need to prep it for your business, Wix has your back as well. The eCommerce interface is very simple, and perfect for beginners.

And a solid app store is full of first and third-party apps, that can help you with marketing sales management, design, and much more:

Overall, all things considered, Wix is an excellent website builder, managing to combine both extensive design features,and supreme ease of use: by simply offering options for both, and combining them with excellent apps.

Wix pricing

Wix offers a total of 8 plans: 5 of them are focused on regular websites,
while the other 3 are there for eCommerce sites.

Here are the plans for regular sites:

  • Free – a very limited plan, suited for testing.
  • Combo ($14.00/month) – excellent pick for portfolios and personal sites.
  • Unlimited ($18.00/month) – more storage, SEO apps, and advanced analytics.
  • Pro ($23.00/month) – professional logo and Event Calendar features added.
  • VIP ($39.00/month) – all of the above features, plus priority customer care.

And here are the plans for eCommerce sites:

  • Business Basic ($23.00/month) – all the main eCommerce features for effortless selling.
  • Business Unlimited ($27.00/month) – subscription sales, dropshipping, and product review features added.
  • Business VIP ($49.00/month) – all the features: loyalty program, sales tax calculation, and priority support.

Free Wix websites give you very limited resources. All the editing options and builders are there: but you get limited bandwidth, limited disk space, and worst of all, your website will be branded by a Wix watermark and be hosted on Wix’s own subdomain.

Not a great look for a business!

That being said, the cheapest premium Combo plan offers all the main website-building features,while the Unlimited and Pro plans go a step further, increasing the storage, adding SEO apps,and other professional tools. The VIP plan doesn’t add much more, except additional priority customer care.

The cheapest eCommerce plan at $23.00/month, Business Basic includes all
the basic features for selling, while the Business Unlimited adds extra features like subscription sales, dropshipping, and product reviews. The Business VIP plan
adds features for loyalty programs, sales tax counting, and also throws in
priority support.

The Unlimited plan at $18.00/month and the Business Unlimited plan at $27.00/month offer the best value in their respective fields. You get all the core Wix features to build your website and your business – at brilliant value.



4. Gator
Top features Quick website editor
Templates No templates on Express Editor
Best for Fast, beginner-friendly website building
Free plan No

Some builders can take a while to set up, and fully learn in order to have a functional, powerful website. Not Gator.

My favorite thing was certainly its Express Editor, and how it let me breeze through the building process,

allowing me to select my preferred styles,fonts, images, colors, and elements – making a custom website in literally just a couple of minutes.

The new process is so simple Just tell the platform what kind of site you wish to have…

Pick out some core options, like the color scheme

As well as the menus…

And boom – you’re in the site editor, filled with all your preferred sections, painted in your favorite colors, and with menus set up just the way you asked.

There’s no drag and drop building, but you can edit everything by using the menu on the right, choosing which elements to display and which not.

Also, there are several different layouts for each section that you picked.

If you thought of some different sections to add, there’s a menu with all the available options, also displaying all the possible layouts.

There’s no drag and drop building, but you can edit everything by using the menu on the right, choosing which elements to display and which not.

Also, there are several different layouts for each section that you picked.

If you thought of some different sections to add, there’s a menu with all the available options, also displaying all the possible layouts.

Finally, there’s probably the coolest thing about Gator: its performance. Gator websites load seriously fast.

You can build a website in a minute – and have it loaded in a second.

But wait, we’re not even at the best part yet.

Gator pricing

Gator offers no free plan, nor it has any free plans. However, it has 3 very low-priced options, and they all include eCommerce features –making this the cheapest viable option for selling online on this list.

  • Starter ($3.84/month) – basic eCommerce and business features
  • Premium ($5.99/month) – bookings, appointments, priority support added – good for small businesses
  • eCommerce ($9.22/month) – full eCommerce features for selling online

The Starter plan costs under 4 dollars but already includes eCommerce and marketing features. That being said,they will be understandably limited.

This means only being able to do 3 monthly email campaigns with 250 unique emails, and sell only 3 products on a store. Also, there will be an additional 3% transaction fee for each product sold, making this a good option only for testing or very low-volume selling.

The Premium plan at $5.99 keeps this transaction fee: but it increases monthly email campaigns to 5,allows for 500 unique emails, and lets to sell 10 items on the store. But perhaps the biggest feature here is the option for bookings and appointments.

Finally, the eCommerce plan removes that pesky transaction fee. At $9.22 a month, it’s also still incredibly cheap.

You’ll also get advanced shipping management, no limits on products, and 10 monthly email campaigns with 1,250 unique emails.
Still very cheap,and still excellent for businesses. Pretty cool, right?

The $3.84/month Starter plan is already incredibly cheap. This way, you can get all the excellent website-building features, email marketing, eCommerce, and more, spending just over $92 for 2 years! That is top-notch value right there.



5. Shopify

Top features Professional eCommerce tools
Templates 9 free themes, many premium first and third-party options
Best for Making big online stores
Free plan No, 14-day free trial

If you’re serious about growing your online store, Shopify is your best bet. A favorite of thousands of major businesses,this builder has some serious eCommerce tools in its arsenal.

I particularly loved its excellent app store, full of thousands of options that can take your online store to the next level.

Also, despite this definitely being a professional tool for professional users, setting up and using Shopify is seriously simple.

You start by simply telling Shopify who you are, what do you wish to do, and how much experience you have.

From there on, our experiences might differ: that’s because Shopify offers a tailored setup guide,which uses your answers to offer you the most suitable help.

else entirely.

Pay attention to the left of the guide, and you’ll see that everything about your online store can be managed there.
Orders, products, customer analysis, marketing, and so on. This is also where you’ll get to design your page!

Shopify doesn’t want anyone to be able to edit absolutely everything – while there are code editing features,the beginner users will have to use a simple section system, letting you quickly choose and rearrange various online shop-related parts.

You can edit some of the basics, but for serious design changes, you’ll need to get a different template.

As far as they go, Shopify only gives 9 free themes, so if you only use them, and don’t meddle with code, your Shopify website is going to look a lot similar to much of the competition. Plus, they look fairly simple.

If you want to make the next Amazon, well, you’ll need to pay for your theme – in fact, Shopify sells one that looks exactly like Amazon’s site. It can be yours for a single payment of $180.

Or, you can use one of the coolest Shopify features out there, and purchase a third-party theme from an independent seller.
These themesare not made by Shopify, and there are literally thousands of options, covering various themes and topics.
What’s even better, they cost significantly less. You can pick up a third-party theme for under $50.

The massive community makes not only themes but apps as well. There are loads of options available, covering shipping,marketing, sales, and many more topics. Honestly, if you can think of a website feature, there’s probably a Shopify app for it.

And as far as Shopify’s in-house features go, they’re also great. Adding products is simple and effective, you can easily make coupon codes,discounts, and see how your visitors behave and how you can increase your sales. Everything is there to make your business better and bigger.

If you’re looking to make a serious online store, Shopify is the best website builder for you.

Shopify pricing

Shopify offers a free 14-day trial. Once it ends, you’ll need to choose from one of the 3 available plans:

  • Basic Shopify ($29.00/month) – core selling features and 2.9%+30c payment fee.
  • Shopify ($79.00/month) – more user reports, international pricing and 2.6%+30c payment fee.
  • Advanced Shopify ($299.00/month) – automatic shipping rate calculator, International variant pricing and the lowest 2.4%+30c payment fee.

Each of these plans include all website design features, as well as the main marketing tools. The main difference between the three is in eCommerce.

Don’t get confused by the “payment fee” – this isn’t like the “transaction fee” from the cheaper plans of other website builders. This is mandatory for all online transactions.
Shopify offers reducing fees, depending on the plan that you choose.
In simple terms, the bigger the plan, the smaller the payments.

Other differences between the plans concern shipping options and discounts, international pricing, staff accounts,and virtual warehouses to assign products to.

So, when deciding between the $29.00 Basic Shopify, $79.00 Shopify, and $299.00 Advanced Shopify plans, it’s the size of your business you’ll need to be worried about.

Which Shopify plan is the best for you? Prepare your calculator! The three plans have transaction fees set at 2.9%+30c, 2.6%+30c, and 2.4%+30c respectively. If you sell little, the Basic Shopify plan will be enough. For bigger companies, I suggest upgrading – while Shopify looks expensive, you might save a lot of money in the long run.



6. Weebly

Top features A simple eCommerce-centered website builder
Templates Around 40 themes
Best for A simple, budget-friendly online shop
Free plan Yes

Back in the day, Weebly made its way to the best website builder lists thanks to its excellent ease of use and
drag-and-drop functionality.
Nowadays, it’s trying to be an excellent, all-around eCommerce option for small businesses.

And while I was afraid that this transformation might mean that Weebly will lose some of its website builder charms –it certainly hasn’t.

As the Weebly review revealed, it’s a great option for both building your site and using it to sell online.

The setup was completely effortless, quickly leading me to choosing a preferred theme.

And then, I immediately got to see the Weebly site editor, which uses the drag-and-drop style, letting me pick and place various small elements virtually anywhere on the site.

It’s very intuitive and can be mastered in just a few minutes.

The dashboard itself focuses heavily on the eCommerce side of things, with options for adding and editing items,fulfillment, reports,and more available right from the get-go.

If Weebly’s in-house features do not suffice, there’s an app store you can take advantage of. It’s not as big as for some of the other options, but there are still some top options for print-on-demand, coupons, reviews, analytics, and more.

Weebly is very simple and simply effective. There isn’t much you can do, both in website design and in business management. However,all the core features are right where they need to be.

If you’re a beginner who wants a simple online store,this is one of the best website builder options out there.

Weebly pricing

Weebly offers a free plan, as well as 3 premium options.

    • Free – a limited option for testing.
    • Personal ($6.00/month) – connect personal domain, free SSL, basic marketing and unlimited items, in-store pickup, and more
  • Professional ($12.00/month) – on top of Personal plan’s offerings it also removes Weebly ads, and includes unlimited storage and advanced site-building features
  • Performance ($26.00/month) – everything from Professional plan, plus you can accept payments through PayPal

Personally, I don’t recommend using either the Free or Personal plans. The reason is simple – both of them will include Weebly’s ads on your site. That’s a bummer, if you’re trying to make a personalized online presence.

The Professional plan for $12.00 a month is where the fun starts. The ads are removed, you get additional website-building features,and also – eCommerce. Sadly, as often is the case with entry eCommerce plans, this one will also require an additional transaction fee.

It’s 3% right here.

The $26.00 Performance plan removes that fee, adds priority support, and also allows for unlimited membership features, letting you sell and make appointments without any limitations.

The $12.00 Professional plan offers excellent value for money: membership, site search, and eCommerce features make this plan a great pick for starting online businesses. There’s eCommerce, too – but for that, I recommend going up to the $26.00 Performance Plan. You’ll get discounts, when paying yearly, too, so check out Weebly and see what they offer.



Best website builder: which one to pick?

We tried and tested every website builder here – and they’re on this best website builder list for a reason. But that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. In fact, they’re incredibly diverse and suited for different types of users and goals.

  • Zyro is a very affordable simple website builder, perfect if you want to make a beautiful-looking custom website without breaking the bank.
  • SITE123 is a beginner-friendly, highly customizable website builder, ideal for those just starting out.
  • Wix is the best overall builder, offering many different and exciting tools to make any kind of website.
  • Gator is an affordable, super-fast website builder, allowing you to make custom websites with minimal effort.
  • Shopify is all about selling online, including excellent eCommerce features and a huge app store.
  • Weebly is an eCommerce-driven website builder, offering simple online sales tools on a budget

Best website builders compared

Best website builders by category

While we have covered the overall best website builders, it can be
easier to pick a tool meant for the job specifically. Here you can find
all of our curated lists that focus on specific websites and purposes.

  • Best website builders for small business:(Wix- SITE123-Zyro -Gator-ShopifyWeebly) if you’re working to establish the online presence of your business, take a look at the builders that offer the finest business-oriented features. You should be looking at tools for selling online, marketing integration, and SEO settings.
  • Best website builders for SEO:(Wix- SITE123-Zyro -Gator-Weebly) for competitive niches, we picked the strongest builders when it comes to SEO. With these builders, your chances of ranking high on the search engine result lists can increase a lot.
  • Best eCommerce website builders🙁ShopifyZyro -Wix-Dreamhost)eCommerce websites tend to be the most technically complex, so you need functional and intuitive tools to establish an online store. For this list, we picked those service providers that make it easy to launch a store and have helpful tools to market it.
  • Best church website builders:(Wix- SITE123GatorWeebly) communities have different needs, but having a website can help you bring everyone closer together. Whether you just need a place to announce the events or even provide a booking platform for meetings – you’ll find the best option on this list.
  • Cheapest website builders (ZyroSITE123 -Wix-Gator-Weebly)are meant for those on a budget. Or those who seek to find the best value for the buck in every situation. While cheap doesn’t always mean good, we tested the services and picked the ones that don’t disappoint.
  • Best mobile website builders: (Wix-SITE123ZyroWeebly)these builders do not only look good on all screens but also allow building your website using a mobile device. Whether it’s an app or a mobile browser version of the editor – you’ll find the top options for creating your site on the go.
  • Best website builders for podcasts: (Wix – SITE123)yes, they still are popular, and dozens of new podcasts come out each day. So if you want to stand out, having a website for your podcast might be the best option. We picked the best website builders for hosting your podcasts – they’ll be fast to upload hour-long audio files and comfortable for your listeners to use.
  • Best drag and drop website builders: (Wix – SITE123ZyroElementor for WordPress-Weebly)drag and drop is the most intuitive type of website editor. We tried and picked the best ones – from those that establish a nice template for a clean look to those that give you the most flexibility for the website design.
  • Best resume website builders: (SITE123-Wix-Zyro)many professionals find it hard to list their life achievements in a one-page pdf file. Creative resume websites where you can show your works come into their place. If you’re looking for the best tools and templates to publish your resume online, we shortlisted the website builders that deliver.
  • Best AI website builders: (ZyroSITE123 – Wix)why work hard when the computer can do it for you? On this list, you’ll find the smartest website builders available that will design your website without you lifting a finger.
  • Best website builders for blogging: (SITE123 – Wix-Zyro)blogging comes hand in hand with influencers, YouTuber’s, and professionals that want to spread their word. If you want to own your content completely without any restrictions, here are the top tools to use.
  • Best website builders for non-profits: (ZyroSITE123 – Wix-Weebly )your non-profit organization can use a website for multiple reasons. It’s easy to collect donations, announce events, and build communities. Not to mention spreading your ideas widely. And that is not expensive if you choose a builder offering the best deals for non-profit organizations.
  • Best website builders for artists: (ZyroSITE123 – Wix)your beautiful art should have a place where everyone can see it. While art galleries are great, having a website will allow global audiences to get to know you. We’ve picked the top tools for creating beautiful art websites.
  • Best website builders for photographers:(Wix-SITE123ZyroShopify ) to create a photography website, you need generous storage (high-quality images do take a lot of space) and tools to creatively display them. The builders we picked can offer you that and more.
  • Best free website builders:(ZyroSITE123Shopify– Wix – Weebly ) you might just want to try them, or your budget simply doesn’t allow paying for the website – no worries, some of the options are free. And do avoid getting scammed, do use our recommendations.

How to choose the right website builder for you?

Choosing a website builder that’s right for you is basically a balancing act between many different options.

But just how in the world do you choose between all of them? Why is option A and D better for you than option B, C, E, or even F? Well, this is where I’ll try to help you sort things out.

Before opening your wallet, ask yourself these questions.

Question #1: What is my budget?

  • If your budget is tiny, pick an inexpensive website builder with a long-term plan like Zyro.
  • If you can spend, choose a versatile, powerful option like Wix.
  • Do not trust the free plans – they’re only tasters, lacking several very important website features.

There’s no running away from this question – so let’s meet it head-on. If your budget is tight, that’s not the end of the world. Far from it: you can still get some top website builders.

For instance, Zyro – the cheapest website builder on this list – has plenty to offer despite its dirt-cheap prices. It’s easy to use, and there are even some handy business features.

Gator, another affordable option, also walks the fine line between competitive pricing and functionalities. Despite being pretty cheap, the builder still manages to squeeze in features like Google Workspace integration and eCommerce tools.

Sure, builders like Wix,   Shopify bear higher price tags. But, in exchange, they offer stunning templates and advanced features – the likes of which you don’t see in inexpensive builders.

Ultimately, it’s good to remember that cheap doesn’t mean subpar. But, if you’re willing to spend, you’ll have access to the best website builder features, that can potentially transform your web building experience.

In any case, I’d recommend steering clear of free plans. They’re great for trials but completely lack many vital website features.

Question #2: What is my website going to be?

  • For online stores, Wix and Shopify are two solid picks.
  • For portfolios, Zyro excellent themes are a great option.
  • And for the simplest of pages, Zyro is a great choice.

Each builder has its strengths and weaknesses. Now, this sounds rather ominous. I know!

But it actually makes your search for the best website builder that much easier. All you have to do is find the one whose strengths match your needs.

If you’re looking to start an online store, you’d do well with either Wix or Shopify. The former is easy to use, offers tons of templates, and allows for plenty of customization. Plus, its massive app store means that you can always add even more functionalities to your online store.

Shopify has fewer templates and fewer customization options. But it zeroes in on eCommerce and has a brilliant app store, giving you a professional online sales solution.

If you’re building a portfolio site, go with Zyro. Its stunning templates will highlight and showcase your work in the best possible light.

And, if all you want is simplicity, you won’t go wrong with Zyro. The builder has simplified everything: from its setup to even content generation.

Who needs writers, when you have AI? Wait – don’t tell anyone I said that, alright?

Question #3: What other additional features do I need?

  • Zyro  and Wix are a marketer’s dream, both offering a solid array of additional features.
  • Shopify doubles down on everything related to online sales.
  • Gator website builder offers a very solid marketing option for those looking to attract new visitors.

They may still bear the name but, nowadays, website builders aren’t just website builders. Those days are long gone.

Builders now also offer marketing, SEO, and even design or copywriting help.

Naturally, the builders – and their plans – get pricier as you get more features. That’s why it’s vital to consider what you need before committing to a plan.

Trust me, getting too much is actually worse than not getting enough. Just ask your wallet.

Both Zyro and Wix come with tons of additional features covering multiple aspects. The two builders offer gorgeous templates to help you with design and provide access to plenty of SEO and marketing features – whether built-in or via third-party integration.

If you’re in the market for eCommerce-related features, Shopify is your king, queen, and the entire kingdom. It covers everything you need to sell and grow online – including inventory, shipping, fulfillment, customer management, and even dropshipping features, right out of the box.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for marketing features and attracting visitor eyeballs to your site, Gator does a top-class job with its InSight tool and SEO features.

Question #4: What do I want from my website design?

  • If you want to choose out of a massive array of third-party themes and maybe even edit the code yourself, pick  Shopify.
  • If you want a website that looks stunning with no effort, choose  Wix or zyro.

When it comes to website design, it boils down to just two simple things. First, how much are you willing to do everything yourself?

If you’re willing to roll your sleeves up and maybe even go as far as editing the code, you’ll have far more control over your website – for that,  Shopify are the best website creator options.

On the other hand, it’s entirely fine if you’re not looking to become a web designer and prefer a more hands-off approach. But, in this case, you’ll have to go with a pre-designed theme with minimal customizations. Zyro and Wix are the top options there.

When picking the second option, consider whether you like how the themes look. Since you won’t be doing much design either, give your preferred website builder a shot.

Bonus points if you find a theme that makes your eyes go “Awooga!” like a cartoon wolf.

Question #5: How much experience building websites do I have?

  1. If you’re a complete newbie, SITE123, Zyro ADI will offer you plenty of help.
  2. If you’ve got more experience, you might enjoy the customizability of Wix Editor.

While website builders are generally simple and straightforward, they don’t all have the same level of ease of use across the board.

This is where the question of “how much experience you have” becomes relevant.

If you’re entirely new to website building, opt for one of the more beginner-friendly options like Zyro  SITE123, or Wix ADI.

They follow the same principle by asking some basic questions involving the type of website, business details, style preference, and other similar information. Then, the builders’ systems go “brrrrrr” and spit out a website based on your answers. In two minutes, you’re officially a website designer. Salutations!

Dashboards of these builders are clean, organized, and – most importantly – intuitive enough that you should always be able to navigate them with no issues.

On the flip side, if you’re more experienced, you might like the freedom and flexibility of Wix Editor. There, you’ll have more control and most of the elements within are customizable according to your taste.

Question #6: How much time do I want to spend building and running my website?

  • If you want everything to be as quick as possible, Zyro, Gator, and Wix ADI will let you glide through everything.
  • If you’re a tinkerer and an avid crafter, Wix will let you finetune just about everything – at the cost of your time.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

Do you hear that? What’s that? Oh no – that’s time passing by!

Now, some people are happy spending time on website building while others want to just get it over with. Neither is wrong, but if time is of the essence, you don’t want to be stuck with the wrong type of builder, right?

Now, if you are simply not interested in spending loads of time building your site, you’ll want a builder that makes things much easier for you.

For instance, Zyro is the best website creator for streamlining everything for your site and business in one intuitive dashboard. It’s a quick, helpful way to streamline your business.

Meanwhile, Zyro and Wix ADI make the website-building process as quick as possible. Building a website with them takes just a few minutes.

If you’re a website building enthusiast or like spending time to make sure that every single element is perfect – Shopify and Wix will be a better fit.

The two builders let you customize, tweak, and modify almost every aspect of your website.

There are many things that you can do with both of them if you’re willing to spend the time to explore their potential.