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With search engine algorithms always evolving, email outreach is one strategy to ensure focused traffic to your blogs and company website. With a robust email list, you can entice people to return to your site each time you post new material.

There are a lot of ways Bloom can help you start collecting emails on your website. Continue reading to discover how.

Would you like to establish and expand your email list? If you have a WordPress site, you may utilize email opt-in plugins like Bloom to help you develop your email list.

In this Bloom review, we’ll examine the plugin’s features and functions to see whether they’re genuinely fantastic and worth your money.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Email Optin Plugin?

One of the most crucial jobs that each website owner should perform is email marketing. Email marketing is the practice of sending a commercial message via email to a group of individuals (your target audience).

Without a doubt, email marketing is a powerful tool for developing a personal brand, a profitable corporation, or an online store.

Before you can reach your target audience’s or potential customers’ email inboxes, you must first gather their email addresses, which is the first and most important stage in email marketing.

There are a variety of email marketing services on the market that may assist you with email marketing, but they lack some capabilities. They enable you to build and install basic email optin forms on your website, but they lack many amazing features, such as gorgeous design options, targeted display settings, and other vital characteristics that help you convert your visitors into clients.

That is why you want a WordPress email optin plugin. It is very common for email opt-in plugins to have a lot of integrations with the most popular email marketing tools. The plugins help you make attractive and effective opt-in forms for your WordPress site with ease.

Bloom is one of  the most popular email opt-in plugin for WordPress.

Elegant Themes built Bloom, a popular WordPress email opt-in plugin on the market today.

The plugin allows you to design stunning email opt-in forms and use them around your WordPress site. It assists you in converting website traffic into email subscribers and increases site conversions.

Bloom integrates with 16 of the most prominent email marketing providers, including seninblue, getresponse, and Campaign Monitor , etc.

We’ll guide you through the Bloom ‘s features:

Six different types of Optin Form Displays

Bloom includes six different forms of opt-in form presentation. You may present opt-in forms in a variety of layouts and places with each display option.

1. Automatic Optin Pop-Ups: Create automatic opt-in pop-ups that are triggered by a timed delay, the end of the content, scrolling, commenting, purchasing, or inactivity.

2. Automatic Optin Fly-Ins: Create eye-catching fly-ins by combining 10 fly-in animations and several triggers as pop-ups.

3. Inline Optin Forms: Use inline optin forms when you need to display optins in specific locations within your content.Create a form, produce a shortcode for it, and use it wherever you want.

4. Below Content Optin Forms: You can use below content optin forms to get your most-engaged post or page visitors to sign up through your optin form.

5. Optin Forms in Widget Locations: Place appealing opt-in forms in any widget-ready area of your website.

6. Locked Content Optins: If you have a piece of valuable content that only your subscribers have access to, locked content optins are handy and effective. You may immediately encourage your visitors to subscribe to your website by inserting locked content optins.

Design Flexibility—100+ Form Templates

Bloom does not disappoint when it comes to design. It comes with more than 100 pre-made opt-in forms that you can use right away. Each template has a distinct design and a professional appearance.

To begin, select a template and then click the ‘Next: Customize’ option towards the bottom of the page. Here, you can make any design you want, because you can completely change the template you’ve chosen.

Configure the content, structure, and design of your opt-in form with its user-friendly interface. You have a variety of design possibilities for forms, image orientations, opt-in borders and edges, and an unlimited color palette. Additionally, you may incorporate custom CSS to impart your own design flair.

Display Options That Are Extremely Powerful

Apart from the stunning aesthetic possibilities, Bloom also features striking and powerful display settings. You have complete control over where and when your opt-in forms appear on your website or in blog articles. With its incredible display options, you can develop highly targeted opt-in forms and place them in the most advantageous spots to convert your visitors into subscribers.

Automatic Fly-In and Pop-Up Triggers: Set your optins to be triggered after a scheduled delay, after inactivity, at the bottom of the article, after commenting, scrolling, purchasing, or clicking. To customize these in-load settings, simply tick the choices.

Target Display Locations: You may select display locations (,blog page, homepage, pages, categories, archives, tags, posts, and everything) and target-specific opt-ins for certain locations. Furthermore, you may fine-tune opt-in targeting by specifying which pages and posts should and should not display opt-in forms.

Bloom Dashboard: An Easy-to-Use Approach

Bloom’s dashboard lets you know at a glance how effectively your opt-in forms are converting. You will receive a dedicated panel on your WordPress dashboard that allows you to easily establish and manage email accounts, see opt-in data and conversion rates, perform split-AB testing, and so on.

Split A/B Testing: Bloom has a great feature that can help you get more people to buy your products or services. When you use split A/B testing, you can compare different versions of your opt-in form to see which one performs better than the rest.

Optin Statistics: Another great thing about Bloom is that it gives you a lot of information in a very detailed way.

The statistics provide you with a real-time summary of the plugin’s performance, which includes:

  • average conversion rate, subscriber count, and list growth rate over time.
  • Impressions, conversion counts, and conversion rate for all optins
  • Graph of new sign-ups during the last 12 months
  • Email list subscriber numbers and growth rates
  • Pages with the best conversion rates

Bloom Data and Settings Import and Export: You can quickly import and export Bloom data and settings from one site to another.

Bloom Plugin Pricing and Support Options

Bloom is a paid plugin from Elegant Themes that requires you to join their Themes Club in order to obtain it. The product cannot be purchased separately. To have access to the Bloom plugin and other goods, you must subscribe to one of Elegant Themes’ membership plans. With a single subscription, you’ll receive access to all of their themes and plugins.

They offer two membership options. They are as follows: one year of access for $89 per year, and two lifetime access for $249 one-time payment.

That implies you’ll need to spend at least $89 to get Bloom, which is too pricey for small businesses. However, the plan’s package of strong themes and plugins makes the subscription worthwhile.

Elegant Themes provides specialized support for all of its products via various channels, including support requests, forums, and live chat. The Bloom plugin comes with extensive documentation, video tutorials, and articles.

While it does provide some design possibilities for customizing your opt-in forms, the biggest disadvantage is that it does not have a visual customizer. To see the changes you made to your form, click on the preview button.

Bloom vs. OptinMonster: Which Lead Generation Solution Is Better?

OptinMonster is the most incredible lead generation system available.

Our Bloom review would be incomplete if we did not compare Bloom to the most popular lead generation system, OptinMonster.

Bloom consumes more server resources than a SaaS service like OptinMonster, which may cause your site to slow down. Furthermore, it lacks several essential capabilities that OptinMonster provides, such as canvas popups and exit intent triggers. Bloom’s targeting choices are extremely restricted.

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OptinMonster pricing begins at $29 per month. If you want to get Bloom for your website, you’ll have to invest at least $89 each year.

If you’re searching for a low-cost optin builder, OptinMonster is the best option. If you’d prefer to use a WordPress-specific optin plugin, Bloom is worth a try.

You can read the entire OptinMonster review here.

In Our Opinion

Bloom is a really user-friendly interface for developing email opt-in forms for WordPress sites. Its straightforward and clutter-free interface enables anybody to develop appealing opt-in forms and produce more leads.

While it does not have as many features as OptinMonster, it does include all of the essential functionality as well as some targeting choices for growing your email list. Bloom is a unique lead generation plugin for WordPress since it comes with an extensive choice of layouts.

If you’re searching for a lead generation plugin that is particularly designed for WordPress, Elegant Themes’ Bloom is a solid option. We rated it 3.8 out of 5 stars. The following is a breakdown of our review scores: