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In this review, we will cut to the chase and go over what you really need to know about Inc Authority, such as:

  • The true pricing of Inc Authority’s LLC formation services
  • Expected formation turnaround time
  • Inc Authority’s reliability, customer reviews, support offerings, and much more

Plus, we’ll provide clear explanations of the many other relevant, formation-related services that Inc Authority offers.

Below is a quick summary of our findings. Further down, you’ll find our more comprehensive review, which details our conclusions and also explains everything you need to know about Inc Authority.

Is Inc Authority The Right Choice For You?

Inc Authority Logo
  • Pricing:
  • Turnaround Time:
  • Help & Support:
  • Customer Satisfaction:
  • Ease of Use:

Overall Score:3.5/5Visit Inc AuthorityInc Authority ProsProsTruly Free LLC Formation and IncorporationProsTop Customer ReviewsPros30+ Years Track RecordInc Authority ConsConsLow pricing transparencyConsDelayed filingConsUpselling of unnecessary servicesConsExpensive non-basic bundles

Scoring Weights: Pricing (2x), Turnaround Time (2x) and Customer Satisfaction (1.5x) have been given additional weights in our scoring.

Inc Authority ranks #6 out of 13 in our Best LLC Service & Incorporation rankings.

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Inc Authority, though not one of the biggest names in the formation business, has a long and fairly impressive track record. They also stand out with excellent reviews on sites like Google and Trustpilot.

Inc Authority’s flagship service is its free LLC formation or incorporation filing, which also comes with a free year of a registered agent service.

Being a small company, though, Inc Authority provides many of its business-related offerings through third-parties and partners. It also tends to upsell some unnecessary services, and its non-entry formation bundles are expensive.

Visit IncAuthority.com or continue reading to find out more about how we evaluated the company and what we found.

Inc Authority Quick Overview

Inc Authority Review 2021

Inc Authority is a business formation company based in Reno, Nevada. Boasting a longer track record than almost any other player in the industry, the company has been around since 1989. Inc Authority, at ~25 employees, is a smaller player that offers many services through partner companies.

Inc Authority offers business formation packages. In its most basic, entry-level package, it offers free filing. But the company offers many other formation-related services. Some are typical, like its business license search, its Operating Agreement drafting service, or its registered agent service (offered through a third party).

Through its partners and third-party providers, Inc Authority also offers some services that are less commonly associated with the formation of companies. These include its “credit & funding evaluation,” and similar services, which are focused on exploring potential lines of credit and loan opportunities (through its partners).

In this review, though, we’ll focus primarily on services most likely to be used by folks starting their new LLC, such as:

  • LLC Formation Services
  • Registered agent services
  • IRS form 2553 filings (S-corp elections)
  • Business license searches
  • … and several others


Inc Authority can help you with your LLC formation by taking care of the technicalities of business entity creation. However, they are not a law or accounting firm and cannot provide legal or tax advice.

If you need legal or tax advice regarding your LLC formation or incorporation, or if your business formation is particularly complex, you should consult with a licensed professional instead.

We’ll start by digging into the costs of Inc Authority’s services.

Inc Authority Pricing

Inc Authority Business LLC Formation Packages

Inc Authority offers four different business formation bundles. Their website layout is a bit confusing, so we’ve added a direct link to their three premium bundles here.

Inc Authority’s most basic $0 bundle isn’t listed on their bundle page at all. Rather, service descriptions for it are on the front page. Most other pages on Inc Authority’s website also have a click-through option where you can start a basic (Entry) bundle formation.

A pricing chart, with key services and their costs, is included below. State fees are not included here.

ServiceEntry ($0)Standard ($399)Executive ($499)Tycoon ($799)
LLC or Corporation FilingIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
S-Corp ElectionIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
EIN Filing$49IncludedIncludedIncluded
Operating Agreement Drafting$89IncludedIncludedIncluded
Business License SearchNot availableNot availableIncludedIncluded
Registered Agent ServiceFree for one year, then $99/yrFree for one year, then $99/yrFree for one year, then $99/yrFree for one year, then $99/yr
Expedited (next business day) Filing$49$49$49Included

The company’s three “premium” bundles are priced at $399, $499, and $799. Each includes several additional services, beyond what’s listed on the chart above.

And although Inc Authority’s Entry bundle is free (not including state fees), you will be prompted with several paid add-on options when you’re near checkout.

Below, you’ll find a quick summary of all the services offered in each bundle.

Entry Formation – $0 + state fees

Inc Authority’s most basic bundle is free and includes several essential services, like Articles of Organization filing and a registered agent service.

We’d recommend this bundle to those looking for a bare-bones formation at a low price.

The entry formation bundle includes:

Business name verification: A search that ensures your business’ name isn’t already taken before you start filing. Most states’ Secretary of State office websites have this feature for free.

Custom state filed Articles of Organization (LLC) or Articles of Incorporation (Corporation): The official, founding documents for your LLC or corporation, filed with your state’s Secretary of State office.

One year free registered agent service: Registered agents (RAs) must be available during business hours to receive official/legal correspondence. Some opt to do this themselves, but there are benefits to using an RA service.

INC Care support: Basic customer support, available weekdays during business hours (Mon – Fri, 8 am – 5 pm PST).

S-corp election form (optional): You can elect to have your corporation or LLC given S-corp status, through IRS Form 2553. This may offer some tax or organizational advantages.

Digital storage and delivery: All formation-related documents are stored digitally with your account, so you have easy access to them whenever you want.

Tax planning consultation: Includes one hour of tax consultation, where an expert will answer your tax-related questions and suggest ways to maximize your net earnings. This consultation is done by a third party.

Business credit and funding analysis: Advice on credit and funding options, tailored to your business’s specific needs and industry.

It is important to note that Inc Authority’s Entry bundles do not include an operating agreement. This is a document that we deem to be essential, and it’s often included even in companies’ most basic formation packages.

Starter Bundle: $399 + state fees

Inc Authority’s starter bundle represents a big step up, price-wise, from its Entry bundle. While it includes some valuable services, it also includes unnecessary addons, such as EIN filing and a company record book and seal.

We don’t recommend using this plan, because the added value is not worth the extra $399.

If you need an Operating Agreement, we’d recommend going with the Entry bundle and buying the Operating Agreement as an add-on.

Standard includes everything in the Entry bundle, plus:

Operating Agreement for LLCs/bylaws for corporations: A key document for LLCs, the Operating Agreement outlines a business’ structure and ownership. Bylaws are the comparable document for corporations.

Record book and company seal: A personalized record book and seal for official correspondence. While it looks nice, it does not meet any legal requirements.

Initial meeting minutes and resolutions: A personalized template for minutes and resolutions – relevant to businesses with multiple stakeholders/members who intend on holding regular meetings.

Stock or membership ownership certificates: Personalized certificates that signify ownership shares of your LLC or corporation. A nice touch, but not legally required.

Employer Identification Number (EIN): Filing for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) with the IRS. An EIN acts like your business’s social security number. You’ll need one if you hire employees or open a business bank account. This can be done for free on the IRS’s website.

One year of INC Care success advisory services: According to Inc Authority’s description, advisory services include customer support for the following:

  • IRS notifications and audits
  • Tax and Accounting
  • State and Local Business Licenses
  • Lawsuit Defense
  • Payroll and Business Funding
  • Business Banking and Credit Cards

It’s unclear what, exactly, this “support” entails though.

Executive Bundle: $499 + state fees

Inc Authority’s Executive Bundle includes a $100 price increase but only adds a couple of services. While its business license report is useful, we recommend going with specialists for domain hosting and website setup.

For that reason, we don’t recommend this bundle.

Executive includes everything in the Standard bundle, plus:

Business license report: Access to software that will allow you to quickly search for all the permits and licenses relevant to your business.

Website domain: Domain hosting for a business website, provided through a third party (GoDaddy).

Tycoon Bundle: $799 + state fees

Inc Authority’s Tycoon bundle is one of the most expensive formation bundles out there. The added services are mostly partner-related, having to do with lines of credit and loans offered by third parties.

As we recommend going directly to a trusted bank or lender for such services, we don’t recommend buying the Tycoon bundle.

Tycoon includes everything in the Executive bundle, plus:

Express processing: Your application is prioritized within Inc Authority’s system, meaning your filing “jumps the line” and will go through faster. If this is equivalent to Inc Authority’s “expedited” add-on option (available with other packages for $49), it means your documents will be sent to state authorities on the next business day.

Business credit coach: A three-month “credit coaching” service that offers info on how to build your company’s creditworthiness.

Multi-tiered credit building system: A process designed to quickly increase your business’ creditworthiness. Unfortunately, details on this process are scant.

Business credit LaunchPad: Similar to the two services above, LaunchPad uses informative software to help you learn about ways to build credit.

D&B Credit Bureau registration: Registration with a reputable business credit rating agency. D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) is one of the three main credit bureaus that provide business credit scores – works similarly to an individual credit score.

Inc Authority vs Competitors Pricing

Below, you’ll find our table that compares Inc Authority’s formation prices with those of its main competitors.

Prices quoted in this table are independent of Inc Authority’s package prices. They are standardized for comparison with competitors. We used their one-time payment fees for this purpose.

We define Basic Formation, Full Formation, and Full Formation + Website below the table.

ServiceBasic FormationFull FormationFull Formation + Website
Inc Authority$89*$89*
Northwest Registered Agents$225$225
Rocket Lawyer$140$290

Basic Formation: Covers the essential business entity creation. Includes – at minimum – filing of Articles of Organization and the drafting of an Operating Agreement for an LLC or corporate bylaws for a corporation.

Full Formation: Additionally includes – at minimum – a registered agent service, which most owners will find essential.

Full Formation + Website: In addition to full formation services, includes a website, domain, security certificate, and other services necessary to securing your company’s online presence.

*$89 is the cost of going with Inc Authority’s Entry plan and then adding on an operating agreement drafting. After the first free year, there’s an additional $99/yr fee for the registered agent service. That service is provided by a third party, Registered Agents Inc.

Inc Authority vs. Competitors

Are you looking for a more in-depth comparison between Inc Authority and some of their competitors?

Check out these summaries, or read our in-depth comparisons in their respective articles.

Inc Authority vs. LegalZoom

We rank Inc Authority above LegalZoom on account of Inc Authority’s free basic LLC formation package. That said, both services have issues. We do not recommend either of them.

For example, Inc Authority could do a better job of informing people about their pricing and services. They also heavily upsell third-party services. On the other hand, Inc Authority performs better concerning pricing and turnaround time.

Check out our Inc Authority vs. LegalZoom article for our full comparison.

Which bundle is the best value for money?

Inc Authority’s free, entry-level bundle is the clear winner on value. This is an attractive bundle for those seeking a bare-bones formation.

The fact that the Entry bundle doesn’t include an Operating Agreement is a notable downside. Even so, if you purchase that separately, you’ll have an Operating Agreement, a year of registered agent service, and your formation or incorporation, all for $89. Though not free, that’s still a solid price.

Inc Authority’s “premium” bundles offer some valuable services, but include too many unnecessary services that bloat the price tag.

The business license search is a handy tool. The Operating Agreements and Corporate Bylaws are essential.

On the other hand, you can file for an EIN for free. Stock certificates and a company record book are unnecessary for most. Web hosting can be done directly through specialist providers.

And worst of all, services like the “Inc CARE success advisory service” and the “multi-tiered credit building system” are low on details. There are simply too many potential third-party upsells that don’t promise much added value.

For this reason, we don’t recommend going with any of Inc Authority’s premium bundles.

Canceling Inc Authority services

Inc Authority’s terms and conditions page states that, for ongoing services, cancellations can be made up to 14 days after purchase. You’ll receive a full refund if you cancel before then. Cancellations can be made by calling 877-684-2836.

For one-time services, like individual filings with state authorities, Inc Authority does not offer refunds. So, make sure you’re confident in your purchase before going through with it – especially if you’re buying one of Inc Authority’s more expensive bundles.

Inc Authority’s monthly and yearly services are renewed automatically and without notification. We don’t like it when businesses use renewals this way – most customers don’t like it either.

Make sure you’re aware of any recurring services you may be signed up for as soon as you purchase. That way, if you don’t need some of them, you can cancel within the 14-day window without being charged.

Inc Authority Pros

Here are what we consider to be some of Inc Authority’s biggest pros.

1. Free LLC formation or incorporation

Inc Authority Free LLC

It’s certainly hard to beat free. Inc Authority puts a lot of emphasis on its free Entry LLC formation bundle – there are “start now” links all over the website, even on pages that have nothing to do with LLC formation!

You can also incorporate a corporation through Inc Authority’s Entry bundle, instead of forming an LLC.

Included in the Entry bundle are some necessary services and some not-so-necessary ones. The business name check, formation filing, customer support, and digital file storage are all pluses.

The added free option to file for an S-corp election (through Form 2553) won’t be applicable to everyone, but it’s a nice addition for those who want S-corp status. And, to top it off, there’s a free year of registered agent service included in this bundle too.

There are very few competitors (such as Active Filings and Incfile) that offer truly free basic filing services, so this is certainly one of Inc Authority’s stand-out aspects.

They will offer you plenty of paid add-ons as you approach checkout, and some of the “bonus features”, like the free tax consultation, seemed to be aimed at getting you to buy other services. That an Operating Agreement is not included, and costs $89 to add on, is also a drawback.

Still, if you want your filing to be free, it can be, and that’s a big plus.

2. Top Customer Reviews

Good customer reviews definitely stick out in this industry. Even some of the big, reputable players, such as LegalZoom, have only fair averages on popular review sites.

Inc Authority, though, has top ratings across the board.

Trustpilot rating 4.8 / 5 (with over 4,500 reviews)

Inc Authority Trustpilot Reviews

Google rating at 4.6 / 5 (with over 600 reviews)

Inc Authority Google Reviews

Here are just a couple of examples of Inc Authority reviews. While there were certainly a few negative reviews out there too, they were fewer and far between, especially when compared to competitors.

Inc Authority Trustpilot Customer Review

Many reviews seemed to be focused on the company’s excellent customer support. Several named their specific customer rep in their review.

Inc Authority Google Customer Review

While we’d ideally like to see expanded hours for that support (Inc Authority support is not available over the phone on weekends), it’s impressive that a company as small as Inc Authority has earned such high customer service marks. Many other small operators in the industry leave a lot to automation or chatbots.

3. 31+ year track record

In an industry with plenty of young upstarts, it’s unusual to see a business that’s been around for a full three decades. Founded in 1989, though, Inc Authority boasts over 30 years of experience.

Now, longevity does not automatically equate to quality. But, Inc Authority’s long track record becomes more impressive when combined with their solid review ratings.

That a business like theirs has been able to survive all the industry changes that have occurred and still be servicing thousands of customers every year is notable.

Inc Authority’s long tenure also means they’ve had more time to strengthen their partnerships with companies like Bank of America and Intuit. This could equate to better deals and smoother service, compared to the third-party offerings made by other companies.

Inc Authority Cons

Inc Authority isn’t without issues, though. Here are some of the biggest drawbacks we found.

1. Low pricing transparency

One thing that will probably strike you as odd as soon as you visit Inc Authority’s website. It’s very hard to find a price for anything.

Inc Authority’s entry formation bundle is free, but you’ll find that a bunch of pricey add-ons are presented to you right as you approach checkout.

None of the services listed in Inc Authority’s “Additional Services” section – which include trademark filing, business plan drafting, and more – show any prices. Instead, they all have a “click to call” button.

Prices aren’t even listed on Inc Authority’s formation bundles page. You may find that the Tycoon bundle is an attractive one… until you call and find out that it costs $799.

Details on the individual services included are few. And info on expected turnaround times for filings isn’t available until you’re almost at the end of checkout.

Other formation companies, like ZenBusiness and Swyft Filings, list their bundle prices clearly and go into much further detail on added services.

Some of Inc Authority’s services, like its registered agent service (provided through a third party – Registered Agents Inc.) are very reasonably priced. But we don’t like how difficult it is to find prices – you shouldn’t have to call a sales rep to get a quote on a basic service or bundle.

2. Delayed filing

As is the case with its prices, Inc Authority is not very forward with its expected turnaround times.

Many competitors clearly display expected turnaround times with their bundles. Even when those turnaround times are slow, at least you know companies are being honest and straightforward.

Inc Authority does offer an “Express processing” option for $49. Express processing, they say, “bumps your LLC to the front of the line to have your order sent to the state for filing TODAY.”

But note that this is not the same as applying for expedited filing with the state. With expedited state filing, you pay a fee to the state and the state prioritizes your application.

With “Express Processing,” though, you’re paying to have Inc Authority internally prioritize your application. And if you don’t pay for this extra service, it may take anywhere from several days to over a week for Inc Authority to get your application to the state.

That adds to the time states themselves take to process Articles of Organization: 2-3 weeks on average.

Having your application sent to the state within a day or two should be standard – it should not warrant an extra fee.

Plus, information about the time it takes for a company to send your documents to the state should be front and center, not buried at checkout.

3. Upselling items and third-party services

Inc Authority’s flagship formation service – its Entry formation bundle – is free. If they’re not making money off this service, they have to make it up somewhere else.

Plenty of formation companies are guilty of upselling services that are less than useful. Inc Authority seems to be no exception. When completing your formation bundle purchase, for instance, you’ll be asked if you want to pay for EIN filing.

While EIN filing is necessary, it can be done quickly and for free – Inc Authority will charge you $49 to do it.

IncAuthority also puts a lot of emphasis on its partner companies, which include banks, credit card companies, credit rating agencies, and bookkeepers. The “credit and funding evaluations” and tax consultations they offer – while they may offer you some insights – are primarily opportunities for them to get you to purchase the services of their partners.

As they say: “If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.”

While some of the partnership deals it offers may indeed be beneficial, we find it is better to shop around and do some research on specialized services and products (e.g. lines of credit, loans, web marketing).

4. Expensive non-basic bundles

Inc Authority’s Entry formation bundle offers a solid deal, but the rest of its bundles are expensive. Their Standard bundle, at $399, is over $100 more than most of their competitors’ mid-tier formation packages.

The Standard bundle certainly offers some valuable services, such as Operating Agreement drafting, but it’s also full of add-ons that most startups will find unnecessary.

Stock certificates and an official company seal may be nice to have, but they’re hardly essential. The same goes for initial meeting minutes and resolutions.

The Executive and Tycoon bundles, at $499 and $799, are some of the most expensive packages we’ve seen. And while they also add valuable services, like a business license search, they’re also filled with third-party add-ons, like “Credit & Funding Evaluations.”

Inc Authority Services

In addition to their core LLC formation services, Inc Authority offers a range of services relevant to new businesses, from operating agreement drafting to EIN filing to trademark registration.

Below, we’ll delve into these services, explaining when and why you might need them. We’ll also state how they’re offered through Inc Authority (as part of a package, as a standalone service, etc.) and how much Inc Authority charges.

LLC Formation

$0 – $799, depending on package

Inc Authority LLC Formation and Incorporation

LLCs are formed at the state level. This is usually done by filing Articles of Organization with your state’s Secretary of State Office. The rules and processes of filing vary from state to state, and for those who don’t want to deal with red-tape or sink time into researching their state’s specific laws, filing through a formation service can be a smart move.

Inc Authority allows you to file your Articles of Organization entirely online. Since Inc Authority’s free LLC filing is its cornerstone service, most pages on the company’s website have direct links to their online formation setup (links can even be found on pages for completely different services).

After answering some basic questions about your business – address, owner(s), industry, etc. – you’ll be asked if you want to add additional services, such as EIN filing or Operating Agreement drafting.

If you don’t go for any add-ons, Inc Authority’s entry-level formation package is free.

This does not include state fees, though, which may be anywhere from $50 to $400, depending on your state. The entry bundle also includes a full year of the Inc Authority’s registered agent service, through a partner organization (for more details on why you may want this, see below).

Inc Authority does not specify an expected turnaround time on their entry-level packages up front. You have to click through to checkout, and then average processing times will be given based on your state of filing. For most states, this average is 10-15 days. There’s considerable variation, though.

Their Tycoon Package offers “express processing”. It is not stated, though, how this differs from their “expediting filing”, a $49 add-on that guarantees your documents will be sent in the next business day (states can still take a while to process your formation – sometimes several weeks, depending on the state and the time of year).

All of the above also applies if you are incorporating, instead of forming an LLC. Entry bundles for corporations will still include a year of RA service, but won’t include Corporate Bylaws (the corporation equivalent of an Operating Agreement).

Corporations are less flexible than LLCs, but they can confer tax, organizational, and other advantages. You should discuss with a small business expert whether forming an LLC or incorporating a corporation is a better fit for you.

Registered Agent Service

Free for the first year with all packages, $99/yr after

All LLCs and corporations are required to nominate a registered agent at the time of their formation.

Registered Agents (RAs) are individuals or businesses who are appointed to act as a point-of-contact for official correspondence. That correspondence can include important information from the state or federal government. Registered agents also perform “service of process” – they receive legal documents, like court summons.

Registered agents are required to be available during business hours, throughout the year. If you don’t appoint a registered agent, or if yours isn’t available when they should be, you may face penalties or lose your business’ good standing.

You are technically allowed to appoint yourself as your RA. However, there are several reasons why we recommend against this.

The obligatory availability of RAs can put a burden on business owners. RA’s names and addresses are also publicly available, which can be a privacy issue for some. Luckily, many formation companies offer RA services – they’ll act as the registered agent for your business.

Hiring a registered agent service may be a wise choice if any of these conditions apply to you:

  • You travel frequently and are not always at a single address
  • You are not a resident of the United States
  • Your business operates in multiple states
  • You don’t want your name and address to be publicly available

Inc Authority provides a full year of registered agent service for free with all of its formation bundles. After, its RA service is $99/yr. This service renews automatically, so cancel it before your year is up if you don’t want to use it.

Digging through their terms of service, it is clear that Inc Authority is not performing this service itself. Rather, it will be a partner company – Registered Agents Inc. – that will serve as your registered agent.

Inc Authority doesn’t provide many details about their partner’s registered agent service. Registered Agents Inc.’s website does state that they offer digital notifications, which means that important documents should be sent to you electronically, rather than just being forwarded to you in the mail.

S-Election Form

Included with all formation bundles

All of Inc Authority’s bundles include the option to file an IRS Form 2553, also known as an S-corp election. S-corp, or “small-business corporation,” is a tax designation given to LLCs or corporations.

Some business owners opt to file for S-corp status specifically because of the projected tax benefits. Whether or not your particular business would benefit from this designation is something to be discussed with your accountant or any other small business tax expert.

Choosing to be considered S-corp won’t change your Inc Authority filing process much. You’ll still be required to fill out basic information, and you can still do everything online.

All of Inc Authority’s bundles – from their Entry to their Tycoon – let you file for an S-corp election at no extra charge.

Tax Planning consultation

Included with formation packages

All of Inc Authority’s formation bundles also include an hour of tax consultation. This gives customers the opportunity to ask questions of an expert and “save more of [their] business income,” as the company puts it.

There’s certainly a lot to be gained from a more thorough understanding of your business’ tax situation. However, we have found that most freebee consultations, like these, tend to be more about selling tax services and less about providing comprehensive info.

Inc Authority is a very small company that doesn’t have its own tax consultation staff – that means your consultation will be with a third-party provider (Intuit, in this case).

You may very well get some value out of the consultation hour. In general, though, we recommend going to a dedicated tax service – or better yet, an already-trusted accountant – for your business tax needs and questions.

Operating Agreement or Corporate Bylaws

$89, or included with formation packages

A basic yet essential document, an Operating Agreement helps spell out how a business will be run. Operating Agreements for LLCs usually include information such as:

  • How the LLC will be managed
  • How ownership is to be divided among members
  • How profits are to be paid out
  • What happens if a member wants to exit the LLC, or if a member passes away
  • …and many other important questions

Only a few states – California, Delaware, Maine, Missouri, and New York – legally require LLCs to have an Operating Agreement. And even these states don’t require you to send them your agreement – you’re just supposed to have it on hand.

Though an Operating Agreement may not be required for you, we highly recommend drawing one up. Having an Operating Agreement on hand can help bolster the liability protections offered by your LLC.

People also tend to underestimate the probability of disrupting events. Having an already-written document, which outlines the steps you need to take during such events, can be very helpful.

Unfortunately, Inc Authority does not include Operating Agreement drafting in its Entry bundle. If you go with the Entry, you’ll have to buy that service separately – for $89.

Operating Agreement drafting is included in all three of Inc Authority’s higher-priced bundles.

If you’re incorporating, instead of forming an LLC, you can have corporate bylaws drawn up instead. These play a similar role to Operating Agreements, but are meant for corporations.

EIN filing

$49, or included with formation packages

Inc Authority offers EIN filing as an add-on during checkout, if you’re purchasing an Entry formation bundle. The service is included with all higher-level bundles. What exactly is an EIN?

An EIN (Employer Identification Number), is a number assigned by the IRS to businesses for tax purposes. You can think of your EIN as being like your business’ own social security number.

Most businesses will want to file for an EIN, as they’re required if you plan on hiring employees or opening a business bank account. Luckily, filing for an EIN can be done quickly, easily, and for free online, through the IRS’s website.

Filing for an EIN takes just a few minutes. And it is because this process is so quick and easy that we do not recommend paying for it, regardless of the price or the service provider. Inc Authority charges $49 for their EIN filing service.

Best to skip this add-on and just do it yourself.

Business Credit & Funding Evaluation

Included with formation packages

Inc Authority states that their Entry package includes a free “Business Funding Analysis,” while each of their higher-tier bundles includes a “Business Credit & Funding Evaluation.”

While it’s unclear how the former differs from the latter, they both seem to involve Inc Authority offering various credit lines and unsecured loans. Of course, how much Inc Authority is able to offer, and on what terms, will depend on your particular business.

Inc Authority is not a lending company, so these services are provided via third-party partners (including NAV, Tap Local, and Bank of America). Typically, we recommend using specialist companies whenever possible. Getting a loan or line of credit secondhand through a formation service is not ideal.

It’s certainly possible that, for some businesses, Inc Authority is able to make an attractive and compelling offer. In general, though, we recommend dealing directly with financial institutions for such transactions.

Credit and Banking Services

Prices vary

In addition to their Business Credit & Funding Evaluation, Inc Authority offers other related banking and credit services, all through its partner organizations. The most notable offering is the four-part BizCredit Express package, which is offered as part of the Tycoon formation bundle.

The BiZCredit Express package includes three months of credit coaching, a “multi-tiered development system” meant to enhance your creditworthiness, a “Business Credit LaunchPad” credit learning software, and registration with Dun & Bradstreet, a business credit reporting bureau.

Each of these steps is intended to make your business more creditworthy, opening up more lines of credit, and on better terms, for the future.

Inc Authority also offers business bank account formations and funding (i.e., loan) exploration services through its partners, like Bank of America.

When it comes to bank accounts and lines of credit, though, it is often advantageous to go with an institution (bank, credit union, lender) that you already have a relationship with.

While one of Inc Authority’s partners may be able to provide you with an attractive offer, we suggest doing some research and shopping around before committing to an account or a line of credit.

Business License Report

Included with formation packages

Depending on your business’ location, size, and industry, you may be subject to anywhere from a few to many regulations. Accordingly, you may have to have one or many permits or licenses, either at the state or federal level.

Finding out which licenses apply to you can be tedious, time-consuming work. But it’s absolutely necessary. Operating without a proper license or permit can lead to fees, penalties, or even the dissolution of your business.

Inc Authority’s Executive and Tycoon bundles both come with a business license report. The report offers: “Instant access to our business license reporting software, which will show you precisely which licenses you need for your business, based on location and industry.”

Essentially, you’ll be able to quickly find and compile all the licenses that are relevant to you. While this software doesn’t fill out or file these for you, it can still be a big time-saver.

Additional Services

Prices Vary

Inc Authority offers some one-off services that may be useful to some business founders. More detailed descriptions can be found on the company’s “additional services” page.

Federal Trademarks: used to protect intellectual property that distinguishes your company from others, e.g., logos, slogans, and designs

Marketing and Website Design: includes a consultation with a website designer who can build a fully-functioning website and assist with marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and directory listings

Business Plans: a formal write-up, tailored to your business and created by a personal advisor, that includes an executive summary, mission statement, market research, and a full financial plan

That all of these services are listed in the “additional” section means they are not necessarily Inc Authority’s specialty.

Legal specialists, and even more specifically, trademark specialists, may be a better bet for the trademark filing. As for the marketing, web design, and business plan write-ups, all these services are performed by third parties. You are most likely going to be better off approaching a specialist firm directly.

Do we recommend Inc Authority?

Yes, we do.

Inc Authority’s free LLC filing service, which comes with a full year of a partners’ registered agent service, is certainly an attractive offering.

Given the company’s long track record and excellent reviews, we have no problems recommending this service to those looking for a simple LLC Formation.

We’re less thrilled with many of Inc Authority’s other packages, though, and the company as a whole is not without its issues.

Inc Authority’s website is low on details, including on basic information like turnaround times and prices. Some of their complex-sounding services are described in only a sentence or two.

There are a lot of “call now” call to action buttons on their website – they’d like to do everything they can to get you to talk to a salesperson.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as their reps receive generally high marks. However, Inc Authority is a small company that offers a lot of partnership services through third parties. We tend to be wary of upselling when dealing with such services.

Inc Authority FAQs

What does Inc Authority do?

  • Inc Authority offers business formations and formation-related services. Through their partners, they also offer tax consulting, credit lines, loans, business plan write-ups, and more.

How much does it cost to form an LLC with Inc Authority?

  • Inc Authority’s most basic formation package is free, not including state fees. This package includes a free year of Inc Authority’s registered agent service (provided by a third party), but it does not include other crucial services, like Operating Agreement drafting.

Is Inc Authority really free?

  • Inc Authority’s basic LLC filing service is free. As you approach check-out, though, you’ll be offered several paid add-on services.

Is Inc Authority legit?

  • Inc Authority has been in business since 1989. They have high marks across several review sites.

Is Inc Authority good for LLC formation?

  • Inc Authority may be a good company to use for basic formations. Many of the add-on and third-party services included in their more expensive packages are unnecessary, though.

Who should purchase Inc Authority’s Tycoon bundle?

  • Given the steep price tag and many unnecessary add-ons, we don’t recommend that anyone purchase Inc Authority’s Tycoon bundle.

Who is Inc Authority best for?

  • Inc Authority is best for those looking for an inexpensive LLC formation and good customer support.

What are the benefits of using Inc Authority?

  • Inc Authority offers quick and easy online formations at no cost, with their most basic bundle. They also sport excellent reviews, with many praising their customer service reps.

How does Inc Authority compare to other formation services?

  • Inc Authority is among the top-rated formation services, and they offer a free basic formation bundle. However, they also offer a lot of unnecessary services at unreasonable prices. Plus, many of their non-core services are offered through partnerships or third parties.

How is Inc Authority rated?

  • Inc Authority sports excellent review averages on Google and Trustpilot.

What states does Inc Authority serve?

  • Inc Authority serves all 50 states.

How do I cancel Inc Authority?

  • You’ll have to contact Inc Authority to cancel a policy or service. The company’s terms and conditions are available here. The company can be reached by email at info@incauthority or by phone at 877-462-6366.

Does Inc Authority have a refund policy?

  • Fixed-price services are non-refundable. Recurring services can be canceled within the first 14 days of purchase.

Where is Inc Authority located?

  • Inc Authority is based in Reno, Nevada. Their physical address is 5605 Riggins Ct #200, Reno, NV 89502.

Who owns Inc Authority?

  • Inc Authority is an independent company. Greg Martin is the current p