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Omnisend is one of the best ecommerce marketing automation tools on the market. It allows you to drive sales on autopilot, improve your targeting, and stay consistent with your brand messaging across multiple channels. It’s suitable for online stores of all sizes and serves a wide array of industries. With Omnisend on your side, you’ll stay relevant by sending personalized messages to the right person, at the right time, on the right channel. That’s why we highly recommend Omnisend for all your ecommerce marketing needs.

Omnisend Review Summary

Omnisend is an email marketing solution directed towards ecommerce users. It offers a free plan that comes with all features and its paid plans start at $16/month for 500 contacts. Features include landing pages, email automation with a focus on ecommerce and advanced segmentation.

Omnisend: The Good and The Bad

In our research, we’ve found that Omnisend has plenty of benefits and not too many drawbacks. Let’s take a deeper look into what these may be.

The Good

Easy to Use: Omnisend is incredibly user-friendly. Signing up takes only a few minutes, and getting started is made simple with sophisticated onboarding. The interface design is very clean, straightforward, and intuitive so that even complete beginners can quickly understand how to use the software. 

Furthermore, when it comes to automating workflows and creating email campaigns, Omnisend has done the hard work for you. All you need to do is customize a pre-built workflow or email template to your brand and send it away! 

Competitive Pricing: Not only is the pricing of Omnisend plans customizable to the number of contacts you have, but it’s also extremely competitive compared to other marketing automation software. Users can reportedly save up to 50% by switching to Omnisend. And when they do, they have access to a more robust product that suits all their marketing needs. 

Premium Automation Capabilities: With Omnisend, you’ll be able to harness the power of automation like never before. Choose a pre-built automation workflow or build your own set of customized automated messages with the no-code automation editor. 

Adjust the automation sequence, add and remove additional channels, clone messages, include splits, and fully customize your automation within minutes using the drag and drop editor. The entire process is visual, so you can easily understand what your customer will see. 

Product Picker: Scroll through any reviews of Omnisend’s capabilities, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t mention the Product Picker feature as a game-changer. Simply choose a product from your online store, automatically insert it into your newsletter, and send. The Product Picker brings up the product photo, title, price, and brand colors, all with a single button click. No coding required and no time lost adding product images and descriptions manually.  

One Centralized Platform: If you find it hard to keep track of the number of channels your customers are using to contact you, you’ll love Omnisend’s centralized dashboard. It combines multiple channels such as social media, SMS messages, and online presence, all under one roof. So instead of chasing your tail wondering where your prospects are hanging out, you can easily target them with personalized messaging within the channel of their choice.

One-Click Integrations: Omnisend integrates with over 30 popular apps, so if there is any feature you can’t live without that Omnisend doesn’t offer, you can easily use an integration for it. However, where Omnisend really shines is its one-click integrations with popular ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and WooCommerce. 

Easy Software Migration: Perhaps you want to make the switch to Omnisend but are understandably terrified by the migration process and the prospect of losing your data. Well, you don’t need to be. Omnisend makes migration a breeze with one-click ecommerce platform integrations, 24/7 support, and a complete data sync. It claims that you can make the switch and have your first automation up and running in just 30 minutes, which is impressive.

Excellent Customer Support: When it comes to software, having access to a premium customer support team is a key requirement in our books. Omnisend’s customer support is reportedly excellent. You won’t experience robots or automated responses, nor lengthy delays. Instead, you get support from real humans via email, help desk, 24/7 live rep, online chat, plus an extensive knowledge base. With an average response time of five minutes, you can rest easy knowing someone has always got your back.

The Bad

Limited Email Design Options: Although Omnisend offers a library of customizable pre-designed email templates, reviews suggest that the actual number of designs available to users is quite limited compared to its competitors. Furthermore, users are unimpressed with the lack of customizable, holiday-themed designs. 

Fortunately, Omnisend does offer the opportunity for users to build and customize their own designs. But if working with pre-designed templates is an important factor for you, it’s worth exploring the library of designs before committing to the product. 

Omnisend Pricing

One of the things we love about Omnisend is its flexible pricing based on your contact list size and business needs. Omnisend offers four plans, and as you move through the plans, you’ll access more features. 

Free plan $0/mo: Reach up to 250 contacts,500 emails/mo,Up to 60 SMS,Up to 500 web push.

Standard plan $16/mo:Reach up to 500 contacts,6,000 emails/mo,Up to 60 SMS,Unlimited web push,Customer success manager (from 60K contacts)

Pro plan $59/mo :Reach up to 500 contacts,Unlimited emails,Up to 3,933 SMS/mo,Unlimited web push,Advanced reporting,Customer success manager (from 27K contacts)

Is Omnisend the right newsletter service for you?

Recommended if:

You have an online store:

There’s no doubt that Omnisend is a great email newsletter platform for online store owners, especially those on Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce,  Magento, OpenCart, Drupal Commerce or Volusion, as Omnisend has a direct integration.

You’re serious about ecommerce automation:

Aside from abandoned cart automations, you’ll have templates for cross-selling, customer reactivation, transactional emails and order follow-up. These will save you plenty of time and no doubt lead to more conversions.

You want modern designs:

Omnisend comes with 18 attractive email templates and a number of form designs.

You want to check your performance against that of industry peers:

Using the last 30 days of brand data, the health check feature uses contextual benchmarks and evaluates your brand’s overall performance compared to its industry peers in each of the following areas: Customer retention, Campaigns, Workflows, Cart abandonment and Sign-up forms.

Not recommended if:

You need a higher sending allowance but don’t want to pay:

500 emails a month to 250 subscribers isn’t very much. You’ll find other free email marketing services offer much more generous sending allowances.

Omnisend Offerings

Omnisend offers a range of features to ecommerce businesses that are looking to increase their sales and revenue. Here are the key offerings Omnisend delivers to its customers. 

Omnisend Marketing Automation

If you’re looking for a tool to help you drive sales on autopilot across multiple channels, Omnisend is the software for you. Better yet, Omnisend allows you to do all this in one centralized platform. 

Omnisend takes marketing automation to a whole new level by combining multiple channels such as email, SMS, and web push notifications in a single workflow. This allows you to provide a consistent, personalized experience to consumers, no matter which platform they prefer. 

You’ll also save tons of time chasing up prospective customers with Omnisend’s pre-built workflows. Some workflows you’ll find pre-built include:

  • Welcome series welcoming your new subscribers and converting them into buyers
  • Product abandonment messages for shoppers who’ve viewed your products but not made a purchase yet 
  • Cart abandonment for those shoppers who didn’t quite finalize their purchase
  • Order and shipping confirmation emails to keep customers up to date with their order

Omnisend has pre-built all the relevant messages, subject lines, and workflow settings you need for each of these scenarios, ready to get you up and running in no time. If you wish to make changes, you can do so easily with the drag and drop automation editor. 

Finally, Omnisend’s optimization features will allow you to track which automated marketing efforts work most effectively for your bottom line. Automation splits allow you to tailor your special offers and incentives for multiple messaging paths within a single workflow, meaning you can compare side-by-side which follow-up message is getting the conversion.

In terms of marketing automation features, Omnisend is one of the best in the business. They constantly receive rave reviews from many ecommerce store owners stating how easy it is to set up and deploy automated messaging to prospective buyers.

Omnisend Email Marketing

If you’ve spent many hours pulling your hair out over clunky, unattractive email templates, pull no more. Omnisend makes creating and sending beautiful and professional email campaigns a walk in the park–no coding or tedious editing required.

You’ll have access to a library of professionally designed templates that are easily customizable in the drag-and-drop editor to fit your brand. You can also reuse the edited template for each new campaign. Furthermore, if you’re running multiple stores, you can share your saved templates across the connected stores to save even more of your time. 

One of the key features of Omnisend’s email marketing product is the Product Picker. It helps you to add products to your emails right from your store. It brings across your image, prices, titles, and product URLs. No need to manually copy and paste anything! 

Many users of Omnisend rate the Product Picker as one of their favorite features of the software. Not only does it save them tons of time, but it also makes the emails highly attractive and shoppable right from prospects’ inboxes. 

Although Omnisend offers a library of professional templates, users have reported that the number of designs available is somewhat limited. And when holiday time comes around, there are no customizable holiday-themed templates available to spruce up your newsletters. 

In saying that, you’re also free to build and customize your own email designs from scratch using the drag-and-drop content editor, so you do have the opportunity to create a theme suited to your brand.

Omnisend Omnichannel Marketing

If you’re tired of manually creating and launching marketing campaigns across multiple individual platforms, Omnisend will be a breath of fresh air. 

With Omnisend, you can create and launch marketing campaigns spanning five different channels, all in one place. You’ll be able to easily launch your campaign across email, SMS messaging, web push notifications, Google, and Facebook. 

Running these campaigns via one centralized platform will save you time and ensure your branding and messaging are consistent across multiple platforms. This guarantees your customers receive a personalized experience, no matter where they interact with you. 

The only noticeable channels that are missing from Omnisend’s omnichannel marketing feature are YouTube and Instagram. Although we do appreciate that marketing on these channels is handled differently from those mentioned above. 

Furthermore, some users reported frustration with launching social media campaigns via Omnisend. Each time you create a new social media campaign, you have to input the required data from scratch. 

From our perspective, this is not a make-or-break issue. Slightly inconvenient? Of course. But we think the majority of ecommerce marketers are likely to be more focused on email marketing, SMS messaging, and web push notifications rendering this issue a non-issue.

Omnisend Customer Intelligence

Do you want to take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy? Omnisend makes effective customer targeting easy using clever customer intelligence. The tool combines analytics, insights, and segmentation to help you uncover high-impact opportunities based on data. 

You’ll receive various insightful yet easy-to-understand reports allowing you to take a deep dive into your customers’ engagement with your brand. You’ll receive reports on:

  • Customer lifecycle stages
  • Retention analytics
  • Funnels
  • Product analytics

And these reports are actionable! Omnisend will highlight which products are likely to attract new customers and which products are typically abandoned in the shopping cart. This information will help you to tailor your automated workflow keeping customer preferences front of mind.

Many users have reported Omnisend reports to be 100% digestible and credit their increased ecommerce success to the insights these reports provide. They also suggest that the reports provided by Omnisend are much easier to understand and take action on than those of competitors. 


So would we recommend Omnisend to handle your marketing automation needs?

Absolutely! Omnisend is an industry leader in facilitating omnichannel marketing, lead generation, and automation. It’s most suited for ecommerce business owners who want to continue to grow their online store while putting some time back in their pocket. 

In our books, Omnisend’s key features are its premium, ready-made automation workflows, its product picker for product-specific email marketing, and the fact that you can manage your entire ecommerce marketing operation from one platform. 

There’s nothing to lose! Give Omnisend a try with a free 14-day trial