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Do you want to increase the number of people who subscribe to your email list? OptinMonster is the industry’s top conversion and lead generation tool.

In our OptinMonster review, we’ll look at the plugin’s capabilities and what makes it the greatest lead generation solution for WordPress-powered websites.

Why Would You Want to Use a Lead Generation Plugin?

Email marketing is the most cost-effective method of communicating with your consumers and customers. However, you must first obtain the email addresses of your potential consumers before sending them any emails. It seems self-evident, doesn’t it? Naturally, sending unsolicited emails to people is referred to as “spamming,” and employing spamming practices will be bad for your business and website. You must use caution.

This is why websites request your email address and obtain your consent before communicating with you. Even huge websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram participate in circumspect email marketing and solicit your email address. It is, without a doubt, the best and most potent online marketing tool available.

The issue is that simply adding a registration form to your website will not be enough. Users frequently disregard those “simple” signup forms.

Without a lead generation plugin, between 70% and 90% of visitors to your website today will never return. However, a well-connected and well-used lead capture plugin could help you turn those visitors into subscribers and paying customers.

OptinMonster Review: How It Aids in Business Growth

OptinMonster is more than a lead generation and opt-in tool. It’s a comprehensive conversion optimization solution that aids in the growth of your email list, as well as the increase of sales and income.

Although there are several use cases, in this review, we’ll discuss how OptinMonster may assist you in growing your business as a publisher or an e-commerce merchant.

Publishers’ OptinMonster

If you’re a publisher, the following are a few ways that OptinMonster may assist you in growing your business.

1. Quickly Grow Your Email List

OptinMonster makes it simple to construct a conversion-optimized optin form. With its behavior recognition technology, you may display the appropriate campaigns to the appropriate visitors at the appropriate moment. Thus, you can ensure that your opt-in forms are presented at the optimal time for your visitors to subscribe to your email list.

For instance, if you were featured on a prominent blog in your field, you might want to run a targeted campaign just for visitors from that blog. With OptinMonster, you can show personalized messages to your visitors based on where they came from so that they become subscribers.

According to the user’s behavior, site page, visitor location, and device type (such as a tablet or a laptop), you can also launch a targeted campaign.

2. Boost Pageviews

Apart from expanding your email list, OptinMonster will also enable you to expand your pageviews. With their behavior detection criteria paired with the Yes/No functionality, it sends your engaged website visitors to your most popular pages.

3-The third thing you can do is make your first-time visitors into regular visitors.

Over 70% of people who visit your site for the first time will never come back again. People, in most cases, waste about 98 percent of their marketing efforts, and they lose a lot of money when they buy things from them, too.

With an email list, you can build a relationship with your visitors and make them want to come back to your site more often.

If you don’t want to watch your visitors leave your site, you can use OptinMonster to show a targeted campaign or popup form at the exact moment they’re about to leave. That way, you can get an extra 2% to 4% of your first-time visitors to sign up for your newsletter and maybe become regular visitors.

When you run an eCommerce business, OptinMonster is a good thing to have.

OptinMonster can help you grow your business if you sell things on the internet.

1. Reduce the number of people who abandon their carts.

Shopping cart abandonment is probably the biggest problem that eCommerce businesses have to deal with.

OptinMonster’s exit-intent technology shows a targeted campaign to people who are about to leave and encourages them to convert before they do.

Here are some ideas for campaigns that you can show to people who leave your campaign:

  • An offer to talk to a support person
  • A special deal to get people to buy something.
  • An offer to get your lead magnet by joining your email list.

2.Grow your email list.

Of course, building an email list is important for your business. With OptinMonster, you can create very specific campaigns to grow your email list and turn your subscribers into customers.

3. Website retargeting

“Retargeting” is a big word in the e-commerce business.

It’s called “traditional” retargeting, and it’s when you show your customers personalized ads after they leave your site.

OptinMonster lets you run on-site retargeting, which means that you can target your potential customers on your site before they leave by prompting a customized exit popup campaign, like this one.

The exit popup will be shown at the exact moment your customers are about to leave the store.

OptinMonster for WordPress: Create campaigns directly within WordPress.

OptinMonster is a separate product, so you can use it on any website, no matter what kind of website platform you’re using.

It’s also possible to set up and manage your opt-in campaigns in the WordPress dashboard, so you don’t have to switch between screens to set up and manage your opt-in campaigns.

You may also track the success of your campaigns, enable or disable an opt-in form, share campaigns, and many other things.

You can use the OptinMonster WordPress plugin to split test your campaigns, look at the results, clone a campaign, or get rid of a campaign.

The Pros and Cons of OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the greatest lead generation and conversion optimization software on the market, but it, like any other platform, has advantages and disadvantages. Examine the benefits and drawbacks to see if it’s the right tool for you.


1.Using OptinMonster to Create Beautiful Optin Forms

OptinMonster has a variety of opt-in forms that you may add to your website.

  • Popups in a lightbox
  • Forms for Slidein Optins
  • Popups that are mobile-friendly
  • Opt-ins are located beneath the content.
  • Opt-in forms in the floating bar
  • Opt-in forms on the sidebar

as well as others.

All of these opt-in forms are infinitely customisable thanks to the user-friendly drag-and-drop builder. For every optin you build, you may use your own colors, fonts, photos, and text.

Using these opt-in forms, you can increase email signups and prospective leads, which can help you enhance conversions.

2. Opt-In Convertible

OptinMonster has a lot of great features that can help you get more people to sign up for your emails with simple campaigns.

This technology lets you show opt-in forms when someone is about to leave your website.

  • When a user scrolls down a website, Scroll Based Triggers display a popup or any other opt-in form.
  • Page-Level Targeting enables you to develop tailored opt-ins for certain pages.
  • A/B Split Testing allows you to display different opt-in forms to see which one converts the best.
  • Time-Based Triggers display a well-timed offer to your consumers during their stay.
  • The platform’s analytics show how well your optins are performing.This allows you to identify your top achievers and optimize your approach.
  • Geo-Location Targeting displays campaigns that are tailored to your visitors’ geographical locations.
  • MonsterLinksTM two-step When a visitor clicks on an image or a link, optins display a popup form.
  • InactivitySensorTM identifies and converts inactive visitors into subscribers.

3. Full-screen mode OptinMonster Welcome Gates

Want to grab your users’ attention quickly? Nothing works better than a full-screen CTA. It works really well, and no other program does it as well as OptinMonster.

The majority of lead generation services on the market redirect customers to another website. As a result of this, Google may penalize your site for employing gateway pages.

Without redirecting users, OptinMonster displays a full-screen welcome gate or interstitial. This is the most secure method of displaying a full-screen call to action to your users.

By using the drag and drop builder, you can make very appealing welcome gates that will help you get more people to sign up.

4. OptinMonster’s Smart MonsterLinksTM

There are two ways to sign up for MonsterLinksTM. You can add a two-step opt-in to any link or image on your site. It is based on the Zeigarnik Effect, which says that people who start something are more likely to finish it.

As soon as the user clicks on the link or button, they are more likely to finish the action (subscribe). This makes MonsterLinksTM more effective than a traditional subscribe form on your website because they are more likely to get people to subscribe.

5. Encourage people to sign up by using MonsterEffectsTM in OptinMonster.

When you use OptinMonster, it comes with a set of visual effects called MonsterEffectsTM. These make your optins look more interesting and fun.

Adding unique CSS effects to your popup can help you attract the attention of your visitors and improve conversions. Your popups may be animated with 26 different effects integrated right into OptinMonster.

These effects are attractive and are readily observed by users. They also give your popups a more dynamic look and make the user experience better.

6. Higher Conversions with Yes/No Forms

OptinMonster’s Yes/No Forms can entice visitors to complete a lengthy form in one sitting. Multi-step optin campaigns allow you to create two different lead magnets for your consumers, display them with appropriate discount offers, redirect them to different sites based on what they choose, and increase your affiliate campaign.

By displaying Yes/No Forms with the Fullscreen Welcome Mat campaign, you can direct visitors to the appropriate landing page once they have selected their options using OptinMonster. This helps boost conversions and provides more income.

TruLeadTM Lead Verification Increases Email Deliverability

You may use TruLeadTM to verify the email addresses of opt-in lead visitors using artificial intelligence (AI). It evaluates each email address before adding it to your contact lists.

You can make your own rules and filters to check leads. This tool allows domain names, IP addresses, and strings of text to be blocked. TruLeadTM also stops temporary and free email addresses that are used for spam from being added to the list.

Another thing: it fixes spelling mistakes for popular email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and so on, and it does this without you having to do anything. If you do this, you’ll get the right email addresses and a list of people who want to receive your emails. This is proven to help your email deliverability rate, so do it!

In your OptinMonster account, you can look at the leads that were rejected for up to 30 days before they are permanently removed from your account.


Here are some of the things you should know about OptinMonster before we look at some of the things you shouldn’t.

1.There are no free plans.

Some people want to make an enterprise-level lead generation tool available to all kinds of websites. OptinMonster wants to make this happen.

It doesn’t matter how expensive OptinMonster is, even though it doesn’t have a free plan. In comparison to other lead generation tools with the same features, OptinMonster is the cheapest.

There are many free lead generation tools out there, but OptinMonster is not the right tool for you.

2. OptinMonster Isn’t a Specific Product for WordPress.

OptinMonster is a separate product, so you can use it on any website platform, such as WordPress.com, WordPress.org, Blogger, Shopify, Joomla, and so on.

You can now build and manage campaigns right from your WordPress dashboard with the new OptinMonster plugin.

OptinMonster, on the other hand, doesn’t use up a lot of bandwidth on your website hosting to load the campaigns. Why? When you use OptinMonster, your campaigns are hosted and loaded by OptinMonster’s top-notch servers. If your site gets a lot of traffic, you can be sure that your campaigns will always be running and won’t cause your site to crash.

How does OptinMonster compare to the rest of the field?

OptinMonster is the best tool for getting new leads. When it comes to getting leads, OptinMonster is better than other lead generation tools.

1. There are a lot of features in this game.

Some of the cool things about OptinMonster are:

  • Add-ons: The drag and drop builder makes it easy to create beautiful opt-in forms in just a few minutes.
  • OptinMonster has eight types of campaigns that you can use to show your visitors the best deals, like lightbox popups, full-screen welcome mats, slide-in scroll boxes, floating bars, and timers.
  • With the help of smart campaign triggers, you can make sure that you only show the right campaigns to the right people at the right time. OptinMonster has more campaign triggers than any other lead generation tool, like exit-intent, scroll triggers, inactivity sensors, and more.
  • Targeted campaigns: OptinMonster lets you set up campaigns based on the traffic source, the page or section of your website, the location of your visitors, and the devices they use.
  • Seamless integrations: It’s easy to connect your favorite email marketing service to OptinMonster.
  • OptinMonster gives you detailed stats that help you figure out how well your lead generation campaigns are working. You can also easily A/B test your lead generation ideas and choose the one that works best for your audience, so you don’t waste time.

2.Simple to Use

The tool OptinMonster makes it easy to build a lead-generation campaign even if you’re a complete novice at this. As long as you’re able to point and click, you’ll be able to make beautiful opt-in forms with no design or coding skills.

A lot of other tools have a messy interface that makes it hard to create opt-in forms, but this one does. Besides that, the built-in templates make it simple to start, so you don’t always have to start from scratch.

It also works with all of your favorite email marketing services, so you can easily build a lead generation campaign that works.

3. It’s great for businesses of all kinds.

A lead generation tool called OptinMonster comes with all the features you’d expect from a tool like this. Whether you’re a publisher, an eCommerce store, a B2B business, or any other type of marketer, OptinMonster will be a huge help to you.

4. High-Quality Work

It doesn’t use up server space like other popup plugins that are made for WordPress, like OptinMonster. That means your site will always run smoothly and not slow down.

It’s time to check out the best pop-up plugins for WordPress!

OptinMonster’s prices and support

When you sign up for OptinMonster, you pay $9 per month for a single site license that comes with all the basic tools. If you want to pay $19 a month for the Plus package, you get everything in the Basic package plus more advanced features like exit-intent technology and MonsterLinks. You also get an inactivity sensor and more. Pro is their most popular plan, and it costs $29 a month. It gives you access to all of the features of three sites.

In the growth plan, you can have up to five websites. It comes with everything in the Pro plan, and you can add your own branding to make the app look like it’s your own. For $49 a month, you also get access to activity logs and the login information for your clients.

As a paid service, OptinMonster comes with extra support through a ticket system. Ticket responses are very quick, and this is a good thing. People who work for the company are experts who know a lot about the product and how to help people convert.

There’s also a lot of help for people who want to do things on their own. How-to guides and videos are also included in this.

We think that OptinMonster is the best tool for getting new leads.

There are more features in OptinMonster than there are in any other conversion optimization or lead generation tool on the market.

Because of how easy it is to use, it’s way ahead of anything else we’ve tried. It’s very simple to use and can be used with all of the most popular email services, CMSs, and e-commerce tools.

We can say with confidence that OptinMonster is the best tool for getting more leads and making more sales. Our review score: 5/5