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The most in-depth test of email marketing services ever performed

To find the absolute best, we personally tested dozens of email marketing services. We devised a professional and methodological approach and proceeded to put every little feature to the test – from setting the marketing operation to actually blasting emails and analyzing the results. We also kept a very close eye on support, contacting agents repeatedly to see who you could actually count on in your time of need.

After months and months of intense testing and borderline-obsessive scrutiny, we’re proud to present you with our definitive ranking of the 10 best email marketing services available today. Our report should answer every question you might have, including every service’s strengths, weaknesses, and recommended use cases.

The verdict is in. Let’s see which service is best for you.

ActiveCampaign: Best Value for Money

  • Feature-packed plans for growing businesses
  • All plans allow unlimited sending
  • Extensive automation and CRM options
  • Excellent value for your money

Check Out ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is on this list because I think it gives you great value for your money, especially given the sheer volume of useful features it offers – and not just for email marketing. It’s a great all-rounder if you’re a growing business, including CRM (customer relationship management) tools, social media marketing tools, and machine learning. We recently put it through its paces and updated our review of ActiveCampaign, complete with performance, spam and deliverability tests.

The email editor is quick and easy to navigate, with a lot of personalization options. But one of my favorite things about ActiveCampaign is its automation tools. You can send broadcast, triggered and targeted emails, autoresponders, funnel emails, and schedule your emails for specific dates and times and people. I found it really easy to work with the drag-and-drop automation builder.

ActiveCampaign comes with a lot of built-in features, so it took me a lot longer to pick up than other services. I still think it’s a worthy investment, considering the powerful tools you get in return.

ActiveCampaign offers 14-day free trial – not very long compared to other platforms, but no credit card is required and there’s no extra setup.


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Sendinblue: Best for Beginners

  • Affordable plans for growing businesses
  • High-quality, easy-to-use tools
  • SMS marketing in addition to email campaigns
  • Free plan lets you send 300 emails per day

Check Out Sendinblue

Sendinblue offers one of the most popular email marketing services on the market. Everything you need to launch and track an email campaign is built in. Add your content to their machine and watch your outreach take flight.

This is a mature platform–it’s got all of the features you expect and more. You can add live chat to your site and grab new email addresses from folks browsing your store or learning about your company.

It has 60+ email templates to choose from – not as many as other services, but they are all high quality (plus there’s the option to create your own). There are also around 50 integrations to choose from – again, not a lot, but all the ones you’ll actually want are there, with some great options for e-commerce sites too. Sendinblue is all about quality, not quantity.

You don’t need any email marketing experience to use Sendinblue’s tools, not even for the potentially complicated ones. Take email automation workflows for example. This could be risky, “advanced” email marketing territory, but there are nine common workflow templates already set up for you to add to the editor, which by the way, is super intuitive.

Another thing I really appreciate about Sendinblue is its free plan, which allows you to send up to 300 emails a day Forever. This is a lot, considering most other services will give you a similar cap of emails per month. Also, unlike other services that will only give you a free trial period, you can use Sendinblue’s free plan for as long as you like. So.


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GetResponse: Best for Growing Businesses

  • An excellent solution for small businesses
  • Impressive 99% email deliverability rate
  • Spam checker and other optimization tools
  • 1000 free stock photos included

Check Out GetResponse

If you already have some experience with email marketing, you might be looking for a service that can do a little more. For me, that’s GetResponse. It’s been designed with larger businesses and growing teams in mind, so it might not be the best choice for beginners. But if you’re a smaller business looking to scale up one day, it’s got some tools that may impress you – I know they impressed me when I put together our fully tested, in-depth review recently!

While other services will offer you basic split testing and list management, I found that GetResponse offers a lot more, and for a better price. I’m talking four types of A/B testing, over 130 integrations, a spam checker tool, and handy features like the ‘Perfect Timing’ tool to help you send out emails at the optimum time… for each individual contact.

Yes, there’s a lot to keep you busy, and it took me longer to learn how to use the platform than some of the others on this list, but once I got to grips with the different types of split testing, this was seriously effective in helping me improve my email campaigns.

There’s a reason why GetResponse can boast a 99% deliverability rate – its tools really work, and I can vouch for that. You can even take advantage of the 30-day free trial to try out (almost) all the tools before you make a long-term commitment.


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Omnisend: Best for E-Commerce Sites

  • Email marketing designed specifically for web store owners
  • Easy-to-use automation features even on the free plan
  • Highly customizable drag-and-drop editor
  • Impressively generous free plan

Check Out Omnisend

Omnisend offers a unique email marketing proposition: it’s a service for web store owners only. You have to have an e-commerce site in order to use it.

If you’re not looking for a way to boost your store’s online sales through email marketing, then you can save yourself a read – Omnisend isn’t the service for you. But you can find plenty of alternatives on this very list.

That said, Omnisend is a solid choice when it comes to core email marketing features. It covers all the basics – sign-up forms, simple segmentation and list management options, A/B testing, flexible automation workflows, and a drag-and-drop email editor for creating campaigns.

Its biggest strength is how it’s tailored to promoting online stores. It pulls sales and customer data straight from your e-commerce platform, and you can sell directly from your emails with a couple of clicks.

It’s worth noting, however, that Omnisend’s strength is also its weakness. For example, while the sales-oriented analytics are great, the purely campaign-oriented stuff is pretty basic. It’s the same story with the product-focused templates, and with the limited use of landing pages.

That aside, it’s beginner-friendly and comes with an impressive free plan, which allows you to send up to 500 emails per month. Sure, that’s not a lot, but it also gives you access to all the core features available on the Standard and Pro plan, and that’s the impressive part.


Visit Omnisend >Read our Omnisend review

Moosend: Strong, Generous Free Plan

  • Easy to learn and use
  • A strong A/B testing system
  • Integration with Unsplash and Giphy in the email editor
  • Interesting automation features

Check Out Moosend

Moosend has an absolutely solid set of general email marketing features. And I couldn’t be happier with that. Whatever you need to actually send out emails is here. It’s easy to learn and easy to use, while also being powerful and flexible.

I was particularly impressed with the automation system, which allows you to trigger email campaigns and workflows in interesting ways. For example, I’ve never seen a system that lets me send out emails based on my subscriber’s local weather before.

The A/B testing system lets you test different kinds of content, including subject lines, of course. But where it gets interesting is that it also lets you test different “senders” – so you can see whether your readers prefer getting emails from “Derek at YourCompany”, or from “YourCompany Inc”. This feature is pretty rare.

Combine all of that with a generous free plan, decent pricing, and a library of good-looking templates, and you have one of our top ten picks for email marketing.


Visit Moosend > Read our Moosend review

HubSpot – Best for Automated Email Marketing

  • Price starts at $0
  • Powerful email automation
  • Stunning email templates
  • Traffic and conversion analytics

HubSpot is the king of marketing automation–so it’s no surprise they offer a fantastic email marketing solution for any size business.

Hubspot’s tool allows you to quickly and easily create, personalize, and optimize your emails without the need for designers or IT.

Where the software really shines is in the automated workflows. This allows you to easily set triggers for your email subscribers and nurture the leads into customers (or whatever else you want them to do).

The software’s handy mapping tool also lets you visualize this for greater clarity and easy optimization.

The email marketing service is just one tool in the Swiss Army Knife that is Hubspot. It can stand alone or be used in tandem with other offerings such as Marketing Hub and their CRM. Your email marketing only becomes stronger when coupled with those products, too.

Hubspot also has plenty of pre-made email templates to help you get the results you want. With their drag-and-drop builder, you can create great emails with no coding or development knowledge needed.

HubSpot is simple to use and allows you to customize your layout, add calls-to-action and images, and modify your content and colors to match your brand.

Use their advanced personalization tools to personalize your emails in order to boost your open and clickthrough rates with ease. You can use any information in an email subscriber’s contact records to automatically serve up the most relevant subject lines, content, links, attachments, and calls-to-action.

Their A/B testing tool is top-notch. Use it and dive into the in-depth analytics after you send your emails to see which performed better—and why.

Use this data to determine which subject lines get the most opens and the content and calls-to-action that will earn you more sales. You can also leverage this with landing pages and signup forms to accurately get a sense of the ROI of email campaigns.

The HubSpot email tool is free for up to 2,000 email sends per month, with paid plans starting at $50/month.

Join HubSpot for free to create and send email campaigns that look professionally designed and display perfectly across any device—all by yourself.

MORE ON Hubspot

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Final Conclusions and Recommendations

When you come right down to it, most of the big-name email marketing services do almost the same thing, with similar feature sets. That’s not a bad thing, as such. It just means that these services have seen what works, and have each tried to put their own spin on the formula. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

However, this relative uniformity makes picking an email marketing platform for the long term just a little bit harder. So, you have to go by what you need, specifically.

What is your business about? How much time do you want to spend on your emails? What other online platforms do you want to integrate with your email marketing?

ActiveCampaign claimed the top spot by providing the best overall experience, but if you want better A/B testing features, GetResponse or Sendinblue  might be for you. If you specifically want a bunch of e-commerce data in your email reports and campaigns, Omnisend might actually be the best choice, even though it came in at #4.

The best I can do is give you the most accurate data possible. The rest is up to you. Hey, you’re smart! And I believe in you. You’ll go places, and do things, and make lots of money. Check out our full reviews to see a very detailed breakdown of each service, and good luck on your marketing journey!


Which email marketing service is the best?

If you’re looking for an email marketing service that can do it all – help you grow your business, improve deliverability, increase open rates and click-throughs – GetResponse ,Sendinblue ,ActiveCampaign

What is the best free email marketing service? 

For the best ongoing free plans, I’d suggest checking out Sendinblue or Benchmark Email. You’ll get access to all the features you need without having to pay for any unnecessary extras. Sendinblue’s free plan allows you to send up to 300 emails a day.

Is email marketing still effective?

Yes! In fact, studies show that email gives you the best return on any marketing investment. To optimize your email sends and make sure you’re reaching the right people at the right time, an email marketing service is the best option. Services like Constant Contact, GetResponse, and SendinBlue can help you craft professional and effective email campaigns in minutes. 

Which email marketing service is best for small businesses?

Services like ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, and Sendinblue provide the best email marketing tools for small businesses and all give you the ability to scale up as you grow.

How do you make money with email marketing?

The best way to make money with email marketing campaigns is to integrate your emails and with an e-commerce platform like Shopify.Some email marketing services support e-commerce more than others. For example, GetResponse can help you monetize and manage your email marketing with an automated sales funnel generator, and with an impressive 99% deliverability rate, you can be sure your customers are getting your mail.

 What is the best email marketing software for Shopify?

There are many email marketing services that allow you to integrate your campaigns with Shopify, but some are better than others. GetResponse, Sendinblue , ActiveCampaign ,Omnisendto help you pick the right one for your business.